Well I got one……

What is it I am talking about……the hate letter.

Well not so much a letter….I got an anonymous post it note in an envelope addressed to me at my home and I was slightly disappointed that it was not even on writing paper but a post it note.

It stated “You embody white privilege Susan”….now I found that very strange as I live in an area of Warrington that some people wouldn’t want to be seen in. I know what some say who live in the others areas of Warrington, but I love it here and the people are wonderful. It is a warm, friendly home type place and it was a woman’s handwriting as you can tell with the swirls etc but I actually felt sorry for the person writing it.

I felt sorry that they had to take the cowards way out and try to attack me through an anonymous post it note. I am always ready to listen to someone’s difference of opinion and I have informed the police and they have asked me to contact them if I get another one etc and I will ask for the person to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

So to the post it note writer who borrows work’s white envelopes to send messages that you cannot deliver yourself, stop and not because I am frightened but rather it comes across as rather silly and I really would not like the Police to find you and you end up with a criminal record as it could well cost you your job, and is it really worth it?

Some people would feel threatened but I will have to get used to this especially as my career is taking in my another direction. I will be blogging about that when it is finalised…but all exciting.

Doesn’t take the brains of an Archbishop.

To realise that if you are constantly cutting the funds for the police, or jumping on the faux outrage of defunding the police that the crime rate will rise.

After all those who are out demanding the defunding of the police are rioting, vandalising and looting and I cannot believe that the councils in these areas are stupid enough to give into their demands. It was always just an excuse for some to go stealing because they have this attitude that they are owed….despite doing nothing to deserve it.

Major cities across the United States are seeing a 'dramatic and widespread spike in homicides' after police funding cuts, according to one expert

As a result of de-policing during June and July 2020, approximately 710 additional victims were murdered and more than 2,800 victims were shot’.   In research published this month Professor Paul Cassell wrote: ‘Recently, major cities across the country have suffered dramatic spikes in homicides. These spikes are remarkably large, suddenly appearing and widespread.  ‘At this rate, 2020 will easily be the deadliest year in America for gun-related homicides since at least 1999, while most other major crime categories are trending stable or slightly downward.’ (Daily Mail).

After all nothing says you are demanding a change like rioting and looting shops….

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Now I am not a professor but even I can understand that if you let those who are determined to riot, steal, vandalise and cause maximum damage have a free reign, that yes the rate will go up. There will be more murders, more stealing, more damage and more vandalism because the city has taken away those people who were determined to protect it.

You cannot have it both ways and now they are reaping the rewards of the stupid decisions that politicians have decided to take. Society can only survive if you have good law and order, and the fact that somewhere like Minneapolis voted to defund their police shows just how downright stupid their officials are.

(Taken from the Daily Mail) A July study by the National Commission on COVID-19 and Criminal Justice found Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Detroit have all seen a rise in homicides, aggravated assault and gun assaults in 2020

The study found that ‘rates of homicide, aggravated assault, and gun assault began to increase significantly in late May’.  Minneapolis has has more than 400 shooting victims and 59 homicides so far in 2020. 

Crime data from the Minneapolis Police Department shows homicide, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, auto theft, theft from motor vehicles and arson were all up in the city so far in 2020, when compared with 2019 up until September 15. Violent crime, including domestic aggravated assault, was up almost 15 per cent in the first nine months of the year, while property crime was up almost eight per cent in the same time period.

Of all the crimes that have increased, homicide saw the largest spike of 87 per cent, rising from 30 in 2019 to 56 in 2020, while incidents of arson have increased by 82 per cent over the total at this point in 2019.

Robbery rose from 931 to 1,275 (37 percent) while incidents of aggravated assault increased from 1,750 in 2019 to 2,100 this year (20 percent). Meanwhile, rape fell by 22 percent, and domestic aggravated assault fell by 8.4 percent.

In terms of property crimes, burglary rose from 2,223 to 2,785 (25 percent), thefts from motor vehicles rose from 3,127 to 3,937 (26 percent), and auto theft rose from 1,982 to 2,766 (40 percent), while larceny fell by almost 10 percent.    

If I lived in these god awful places that seem to be run by the rioters then I would get a very good lawyer and sue those in the council for putting my life and that of my family in danger. It is no good showing a faux outrage over the killing of a man, when the very rioters are going out killing even more. This is a case of a good opportunity lost as all parties should have sat down and come up with a solution, but nope seems stupid won out and voted to defund the police.

I have and will always back the police as they are the good guys. 99.9% of them are not racist, they are not murderers and they do protect the people…so why not start to stick up for them now as they are the thin blue line between a peaceful life and the rioting that is happening in the USA.

Stay safe guys, girls and K9s and god bless you.

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Education and Apprenticeships is a good thing.

Well done Prime Minister for the apprenticeship and education policy that was unveiled yesterday.

The Prime Minister is keen for those who have lost their jobs due to this Covid 19 pandemic or those who feel they want to change their roles, will have the chance to access free courses or educational loans to do this. Pretty much like they do with the Student Loans.

Boz the builder: PM said the UK had fallen behind other countries in technical skills, partly due to 'snooty' attitudes to vocational qualifications

From April, adults without an A-Level or equivalent qualification will be offered a free, fully-funded college course – providing them with skills valued by employers, and the opportunity to study at a time and location that suits them. Higher education loans will also be made more flexible, allowing adults and young people to space out their study across their lifetimes, take more high quality vocational courses in further education colleges and universities, and to support people to retrain for jobs of the future.

The Prime Minister suggested that some jobs in traditional shops, pubs or restaurants may be gone for good, saying coronavirus ‘has compressed that revolution’ in areas like online shopping. ‘Let’s imagine that you are 30 years old, you left school without A-levels and you are thinking – you were in retail or hospitality – you could find a job in the wind farm sector in the North East, or in space technology in Newquay or in construction here in Exeter,’ he added.

The government is also committing £8million for digital skills boot camps, expanding successful pilots in Greater Manchester and the West Midlands and introducing programmes in new locations. From next year, boot camps will be extended to sectors like construction and engineering.

I think this is a brilliant idea as education is not wasted on anybody. I have taken over 17 courses and am now looking at what Masters courses to take and it has boosted me hugely. Working class people did not really go to University when I was young, and A levels was only for a few as we had to work, but to be able to continue studying with help is a fantastic step forward and I think that so long as it is audited well and that the courses are value for money then why not? We could have young people or people who are retraining becoming brickies, plumbers etc and to have our home grown people can only be a good thing.

I have always advocated training and education as it is not wasted and it helps when you decide to take that step forward as to your current employer it shows you are motivated, and to a potential employer it shows you are motivated and willing to improve your knowledge.

What is there not to like about that? I do hope though that they don’t call things like customer service training an apprenticeship! We know its not…. Save them for the real hands on jobs and ones that take considerable time to achieve. After all if somebody is wiling to do this then don’t insult them with mickey mouse courses that we know are not worth the paper they are wrote on.

This is a good thing and worth exploring more.

The government is also expected to announce an increase in apprenticeship opportunities with more funding for small firm apprenticeships, and greater flexibility training is structured

Mrs May’s show anger was nothing more than a damp squid…..

The Internal Market Bill has finally passed its 3rd reading, and is now on its way to the Lords. I hope their Lordships remember that their chamber can be done away with or significantly reduced by the Commons, and especially the overwhelming number of MPs that Boris has. The PM will find few or no complaints at all if he decides to teach the Lords a lesson. They are unelected and unanswerable and in this day and age really not fit for purpose.

Anyway, off to the Lords it goes but not before the newspapers were full of the Mrs May is back headlines. The headlines where she was leading the remainers in Parliament to give the PM a hard time… why is it that former PMs who the country don’t want….do not keep quiet and just retire!!.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May
Theresa May

We who are Brexiters have always known where Mrs May’s allegiance lies and it is not to the people of this country, after all how bad must her plan have been if everyone said it was awful. I could see the first conversation after the vote with Drunken Junker….”what can you offer as I don’t want to leave and will con the people that Brexit is Brexit”.

True to form she started off with guns a blazing pretty much like she did with the EU with her Brexit means Brexit speech…or as I call it the Dog means Dog speech. As she is not really saying that she will get it done just that the vote meant Brexit and she then spent the whole time trying to screw this country over, whilst aiming for having us to become a vassal state of the EU and one where we have no rights, Schengen and dictated too by the Germans and French. Problem is Mrs May forgot one thing….the people. The arrogance of the woman to think that she could con us is really beyond contempt.

Thankfully her treachery was seen at the elections of the MEPs and it resulted in her end because the Tories got a thrashing, and it had to be done that way so we could get rid of the woman. How annoyed must she have been to see that Boris gained what she could never in her General Election and where she ended up with a minority government. Mrs May must of known that would happen but it would suit her double talk as it meant that Parliament could dictate and they would demand Remain. The whole cess pit in Parliament forgot one thing and that is the people love democracy and expect it to be enacted, and the one who offered what the majority wanted to Get Brexit Done won.

Well, from her anger there was the talk that she was going to make sure that Boris was going to be humiliated with regards to the Internal Market Bill and that he would have to climb down, and that because of her leading the vote she would still show him that she is a force to be reckoned with. I myself was disgusted that she would some 4 years on still attempt to tie the hands of a British Prime Minister to the will of Europe. She had learnt nothing.

Well, watching eagerly the vote yesterday and where was this champion of the EU who was going to attend and show her disgust…..well she stayed away. How very typical of one Mrs Theresa May.

She is no better than a hot gust of air. She achieves nothing and says a whole of nothing too. When she goes upto the Lords she could become the Baroness Nothing as that is what she does….nothing. She endlessly believes her own hype.

So, for all her bluster and the glee of the remainers, the fightback was nothing more than a damp squid. Oh don’t get me wrong as Keir Starmer and the Liebour mob abstained, but like May they are trying to appease their political masters and Starmer like May is working for the EU and definitely not for the people.

There is one down….Mrs May and now one to go Starmer and lets drain the swamp again and again until we have thrown out those who would do this country harm and yes they both would, as Starmer like May has a huge problem with enacting the will of the people and referendums. I guess if it doesn’t suit their agenda then they will act against us to change it. Beware of what you ask for Starmer as he really is not electable and never will be.