The Overseas Bill to protect our military and veterans passed its second reading yesterday, but no thanks to Labour who either abstained or voted against it.

As a veteran I think it is shameful that the Labour Party is not only responsible for over-riding legal law when it suited them and causing an illegal war, but then they throw our servicemen and women to the wolves who were sent to fix their mess.

The Defence Secretary was quite right when he shouted from the dispatch box that the Conservative party is now trying to clear up Labours illegal war and Labours mess. Of course the comments coming from the Labour side was that those comments were not worthy of a Secretary of State, but he was simply telling the truth, and now when it comes chance to put this right Labour again try to throw our brave men and women to the wolves, but what did we expect from the likes of Starmer and Corbyn?

This is the same Labour party and I do appreciate it was a different PM but the thinking is still the same, and who quietly took the side of the enemy in the guise of the IRA free jail passes, and that would never have come out but for a terrorist using it to avoid jail, yet this has not and will not be offered to our military who were sent there by Parliament. This bill does not go far enough and we need to have those ludicrous charges against our NI veterans thrown out. Only then will the political system support those who defend this country with their lives.

War and conflicts is sadly a case of Politicians cocking up and the military have to go and tidy up their mess. Funny how a Politician will take all the platitudes until it doesn’t suit them anymore and then like the vipers they are, turn on those same brave servicemen and women. When Baroness Thatcher was in, I was lucky to be in the Army at the time and she loved the military and that was our golden time as we knew that we had a Prime Minister who had our back. Went down hill after her, until now and Boris is trying to put that right and good on him.

I expected Corbyn and his cronies to vote against this bill as he hates anything to do with the military. He should remember that he is only allowed to spew his vile rantings because of brave servicemen and women who defend our freedoms….although I often wondered if Corbyn would become a quisling and the answer is yes as he has done it so many times, taken the side of the enemy that it is expected.

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However for Sitting on the Fence Starmer to order his MPs to abstain is outrageous. This man would have no hesitation in sending our military to war if he decided too, as it seems Labour do love being War Prime Ministers and then when our military do what they do best, I am of no doubt that he would throw them to likes of Shiner. The same man who lied continually to bring in the disgusting charges against our brave men and it was Starmer who yep you you guessed it was given caseloads by Shiner AGAINST our servicemen.

Starmer does not care about the military, yet he will use it for a photo op anytime and he needs to change his slogan of being the Law and Order guy as his CV which he has mysteriously changed says otherwise.

Starmer has taken it upon himself to sack some members of his shadow front bench and withdrawn the whip from others, yet he will not sack Corbyn, Abbott and McDonnell who all voted against it. Wonder why that is? Could it be that he is sitting on the Fence again? Is he frightened that Corbyn and his ilk will leave? Is it worth being the hypocrite he is just to keep the party together?

Starmer is not worthy to enter the door of No 10. He will steam roll over everything we love dearly and he has done it more than once and taken the side of the terrorists over law abiding citizens, and he simply cannot be trusted with the security of this country. The military cannot trust him not to throw them under the bus for decisions he makes, yet it seems that PMs who cause wars do not have to answer for them even illegal ones.

This is the man who will kneel to a Marxist organisation who wants to destroy our history and riot, yet he will not attend Parliament to show his support to the servicemen and women who sign on the dotted line to protect this country, its citizens and the freedom we so cherish.

Starmer for me is just Corbyn in another guise, but he is more desperate to get into No 10. It is nothing more than a trip for his ego as he is not bothered about things we care about because if he did, he would have voted to protect our military and not only that, but also to protect our Internal Market which surprise surprise he was missing from again.

Such an important document that would protect us from the EU, and he was not there. Oh he said he couldn’t attend….isolating, yet there he was out and about but then when it does not suit him he will take the wet way out and not turn up. Although, we all know where his loyalties lie and it is with the EU.

Starmer cannot be trusted and he will ruin this country, he will ruin our Military and he will leave us poorer than ever before. He is a disaster in the waiting and must avert it from the beginning.