You can’t trust virtual signalling Biden.

Joe Biden released a statement questioning whether justice 'could be equally applied in America' after a grand jury declined to indict three officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor
Joe Biden

Yet again Joe Biden has shown that he is incapable of remaining impartial as he should of done.

I am referring to the very sad case of Breonna Taylor. The grand jury decided not to charge the police officers and I don’t know if the outcome was right or wrong as I don’t live there, but I do think it is wrong for politicians to leap on the bandwagon as in reality Biden doesn’t care about the lady who died. He never did….he just wants the outraged black vote to get him into power. Do you honestly think he will do anything when he is in? Nope he will just make sure those around him get richer and the poor get poorer.

Of course for virtual signalling Biden he has decided to show faux outrage and state that it seems that the police get away with anything. That is outrageous for a man who wants to be the President. He has a duty to back Law and Order and demand a justice system that is fair for all….not accuse the justice system of being blind and deaf to some. I am sure the Black African American people feel that the justice system has always been against them but ask yourself….what did Biden do to correct this as Vice President? Did he do anything to change the system? I cannot find a case of when he did and as Vice President he certainly had the chance to bring it to the attention of Barack Obama.

I feel for the family I really do and there are no winners, but how depressing for those who want the country to get back to being law abiding, watching and knowing that Joe Biden cannot stay impartial and offer the sympathy where it needs to go. The poor of America don’t want to hear platitudes, they hear it everyday….they want the system to change and virtual signalling doesn’t do that.

Have a look and see just what Joe Biden has done for the people of colour and the poor, before he decided to start the faux outrage and I think you will find it is nothing but don’t let the chance to jump on a bandwagon stop him.

Breonna Taylor
Breonna Taylor

Some of the people in the USA are obviously unhappy at the result of the Grand Jury, and I would be too if I felt that the jury had got it wrong as she is a very beautiful girl, and justice needs to be seen to work for peace, and maybe it is time to tell the politicians to stop grandstanding and let the justice they seek to get on with it, as I can guarantee that a lot of the people are fed up with the rioting, and maybe if people got together and talked as grown up people should they can get the changes they so desperately need.

For a citizen the fact this man wants to be the next President must be frightening and that must be stopped. He has to walk a thin line of trying to calm the situation down but not Biden…he is flaming the hate and he is doing it just to get into the White House. What would he do then? Let the rioters riot and head up the cries to defund the police? He would last 10 minutes if he carried on doing that and he knows that, but he needs the support of one side and he is coming down on the side that is against the law. Society can only succeed if there is law and order that treats everyone as equal and he could have started the changes a long time ago.

I wish there were some words of comfort for the family but there is nothing I or many others can say, but why not change the system from within and do it without a man who only wants you for the keys to the Whitehouse. Biden doesn’t care about your average American regardless of their colour and he is using you for his own political ambitions, and you can bet your bottom dollar he will do nothing to help you when in. This will enflame the situation even more as you will have been promised the world and get nothing.

Work with those in law and order to get the change you need as 99% of the Police Force are the good guys and they want to help and they want to see justice for all. You cannot do it with a politician as they are snakes in the grass and do it for their own good and not yours.

Joe Biden Calls for Nationwide Mask Mandate September 11th 2020

This is Biden:

A new petition seeks a Department of Justice (DOJ) inquiry into the hangings and drownings of five black people in the state of Delaware and demands an investigation “into the actions or wilful inactions of the Bidens both Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden and Senator and Vice President Joe Biden regarding what we believe, on the basis of substantial evidence is the cover-up of racially motivated murders and the connections between these murders.” The petition even alleges that an attempted lynching survivor told his story to Beau Biden but it was covered up anyway.

THE PETITION STATES: “Over the last decade, five known suspicious hangings and multiple accidental drownings of African Americans have gripped Delaware’s Kent County’s black community. Despite compelling evidence of foul play and the work of a few committed activists and local politicians, incidents were played down and swiftly filed away. Now We demand an inquiry into the actions or wilful inactions of the Biden’s both Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden and Senator and Vice President Joe Biden regarding what we be believe, on the basis of substantial evidence is the cover-up of racially motivated murders and the connections between these murders.

We need to know why the State of Delaware and the United States Department of Justice knew about and did nothing about the organized , systematic lynching of young Black Men.

In 2010, pamphlets circulating throughout Kent County, DE, illustrating of a young black man hanging with the words “Cleaning Up The Streets One ***** (my apologies I will not use that derogatory term at all)….at a Time”. This shocked the campus of historically black college Delaware State University. Devoid of thorough investigative procedure, families were barred from access to the deceased for days, clothes were washed without warning, and autopsies were breezed over or skipped altogether. Each incident was quickly ruled a suicide and families were left with more questions than answers. There was one survivor of an attempted lynching in 2012, and despite his testimony, a recorded 911 call, witnesses, sworn statements to Attorney General Beau Biden, and a Dover Human Relations Commission, his story was discredited and suppressed.

We are demanding a full investigation by Attorney General William Barr , US Department of Justice into all hanging and drowning deaths ruled suicides in and around Dover, DE from 2010-Present. The families of the deceased and the lone surviving victim were not given the courtesy which should have been granted. This is why we absolutely believe that the oversight of the US Department of Justice is required to achieve justice in this matter. Sign, support and share.”

NATIONAL FILE previously reported:

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is suffering from his long history of racially charged statements as he struggles to maintain his footing in a progressive primary competition against Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and others. Biden has drawn criticism for praising segregationist senators, and stating that diversity drives America apart.

“I have some friends on the far left, and they can justify to me the murder of a white deaf mute for a nickel by five colored guys. They say the black men had been oppressed, and so on. But they can’t justify some Alabama farmers tar-and-feathering an old colored woman. I suspect the ACLU would leap to defend the five black guys. But no one would go down to help the ‘rednecks.’ (But) they are both products of an environment…And ‘rednecks’ are usually people with very real concerns, people who lack the education and skills to express themselves quietly and articulately,” Biden stated in an interview in 1970.

A Wilmington Morning News clipping from 1986 also confirmed that Biden joined Republicans in pushing for a 1983 spending-cutting plan that involved “freezing Social Security payments.”


So please America…..think before voting as once the fox is in the white house….you cannot get him out.

Our Chancellor is doing what he does best, protecting businesses and jobs.

Rishi Sunak’s new help for business and jobs at a glace 

  • Furlough scheme will  be replaced with a Job Support Scheme (JSS) to ‘directly support’ wages of staff working at least a third of regular hours.
  • Firms will pay workers for hours they work. For regular hours they cannot work, employer and Treasury will both pay a third of their wages, so they get two-thirds of pay for missed hours.
  • JSS open to firms who have not used furlough. 
  • Self Employment Income Support Scheme Grant (SEISS) is extended, with a lump some to cover November to January next year
  • It will be worth 20 per cent of average monthly profits, capped at £1,875. 
  • Second grant available for February to April 2021 
  • Bounce Back Loan guarantee term extended to 10 years from the current six.
  • Interest-only periods of six months and payment holidays also now available. 
  • VAT cut from 20 to 5 per cent for firms in hospitality and tourism sectors is extended to March 2021.
  • Other firms who have deferred VAT bills under New Payment Scheme will be allowed to pay it off in 11 interest-free payments in 2021-22 financial year instead of one full payment in March 2021.
  • ‘Time to Pay’ self-assessment tax system extended to January 2022. 

In this time of the pandemic and the impact it is having on our businesses and the workers it is comforting somewhat to know that it is Rishi Sunak in charge and not John McDonnell.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak today unveiled his new Winter Economy Plan to prop up UK plc over the coming winter months. It has a new wage subsidy plan as its centrepiece
Rishi Sunak at the Dispatch Box.

This impact on our economy is hard hitting and we are living in unprecedented times and I do believe that the Conservative Party and the Chancellor in particular, is doing the very best they can to see us through this.

They are torn between the choice of allowing people to go to work and risk the thousands of deaths that happened in the Spring, or try and curb what is happening and save the NHS and he is taking the right choice. It is a choice that I would not and could not take as it takes a special kind of person to lead the country through this time of horror.

We should applaud both Chancellor and Prime Minister for doing that.

How it will work.

Jonathan Geldart, Director General of the Institute of Directors, said: ‘These new measures should bring some relief to many directors fearing a harsh winter for their businesses and people. 

Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, Director General of the CBI, said: ‘These bold steps from the Treasury will save hundreds of thousands of viable jobs this winter. ‘Wage support, tax deferrals and help for the self-employed will reduce the scarring effect of unnecessary job losses as the UK tackles the virus. Further business rates relief should remain on the table. ‘The Chancellor has listened to evidence from business and unions, acting decisively. It is this spirit of agility and collaboration that will help make 2021 a year of growth and renewal.’ 

British Chambers of Commerce Director General Adam Marshall said: ‘The measures will give business and the economy an important shot in the arm. ‘Chambers of commerce have consistently called for a new generation of support to help protect livelihoods and ease the cash pressures faced by firms as they head into a challenging and uncertain winter. ‘The Chancellor has responded to our concerns with substantial steps that will help companies preserve jobs and navigate through the coming months. The new Jobs Support Scheme will help many companies hold on to valued, skilled employees.’

Of course we can expect the incoming whinging from the Labour party and their shadow Chancellor who will offer nothing but noise of whinging and nothing of real use, because that is the way Labour behave. We saw that last night with Keir Starmer on the TV….a whole of nothing was offered and nothing to help fix it.

I know that there are some who will suffer and for them I am sorry, but it is far better than we have Mr Sunak in as Chancellor, as can you imagine the state of this country if it had been Labour?

Protecting the Military does not matter to Fence Sitting Starmer and the Labour Party.

The Overseas Bill to protect our military and veterans passed its second reading yesterday, but no thanks to Labour who either abstained or voted against it.

As a veteran I think it is shameful that the Labour Party is not only responsible for over-riding legal law when it suited them and causing an illegal war, but then they throw our servicemen and women to the wolves who were sent to fix their mess.

The Defence Secretary was quite right when he shouted from the dispatch box that the Conservative party is now trying to clear up Labours illegal war and Labours mess. Of course the comments coming from the Labour side was that those comments were not worthy of a Secretary of State, but he was simply telling the truth, and now when it comes chance to put this right Labour again try to throw our brave men and women to the wolves, but what did we expect from the likes of Starmer and Corbyn?

This is the same Labour party and I do appreciate it was a different PM but the thinking is still the same, and who quietly took the side of the enemy in the guise of the IRA free jail passes, and that would never have come out but for a terrorist using it to avoid jail, yet this has not and will not be offered to our military who were sent there by Parliament. This bill does not go far enough and we need to have those ludicrous charges against our NI veterans thrown out. Only then will the political system support those who defend this country with their lives.

War and conflicts is sadly a case of Politicians cocking up and the military have to go and tidy up their mess. Funny how a Politician will take all the platitudes until it doesn’t suit them anymore and then like the vipers they are, turn on those same brave servicemen and women. When Baroness Thatcher was in, I was lucky to be in the Army at the time and she loved the military and that was our golden time as we knew that we had a Prime Minister who had our back. Went down hill after her, until now and Boris is trying to put that right and good on him.

I expected Corbyn and his cronies to vote against this bill as he hates anything to do with the military. He should remember that he is only allowed to spew his vile rantings because of brave servicemen and women who defend our freedoms….although I often wondered if Corbyn would become a quisling and the answer is yes as he has done it so many times, taken the side of the enemy that it is expected.

See the source image

However for Sitting on the Fence Starmer to order his MPs to abstain is outrageous. This man would have no hesitation in sending our military to war if he decided too, as it seems Labour do love being War Prime Ministers and then when our military do what they do best, I am of no doubt that he would throw them to likes of Shiner. The same man who lied continually to bring in the disgusting charges against our brave men and it was Starmer who yep you you guessed it was given caseloads by Shiner AGAINST our servicemen.

Starmer does not care about the military, yet he will use it for a photo op anytime and he needs to change his slogan of being the Law and Order guy as his CV which he has mysteriously changed says otherwise.

Starmer has taken it upon himself to sack some members of his shadow front bench and withdrawn the whip from others, yet he will not sack Corbyn, Abbott and McDonnell who all voted against it. Wonder why that is? Could it be that he is sitting on the Fence again? Is he frightened that Corbyn and his ilk will leave? Is it worth being the hypocrite he is just to keep the party together?

Starmer is not worthy to enter the door of No 10. He will steam roll over everything we love dearly and he has done it more than once and taken the side of the terrorists over law abiding citizens, and he simply cannot be trusted with the security of this country. The military cannot trust him not to throw them under the bus for decisions he makes, yet it seems that PMs who cause wars do not have to answer for them even illegal ones.

This is the man who will kneel to a Marxist organisation who wants to destroy our history and riot, yet he will not attend Parliament to show his support to the servicemen and women who sign on the dotted line to protect this country, its citizens and the freedom we so cherish.

Starmer for me is just Corbyn in another guise, but he is more desperate to get into No 10. It is nothing more than a trip for his ego as he is not bothered about things we care about because if he did, he would have voted to protect our military and not only that, but also to protect our Internal Market which surprise surprise he was missing from again.

Such an important document that would protect us from the EU, and he was not there. Oh he said he couldn’t attend….isolating, yet there he was out and about but then when it does not suit him he will take the wet way out and not turn up. Although, we all know where his loyalties lie and it is with the EU.

Starmer cannot be trusted and he will ruin this country, he will ruin our Military and he will leave us poorer than ever before. He is a disaster in the waiting and must avert it from the beginning.