This stupidity has to stop…..

Who on earth agreed to pay $150,000 a year to a pimp? To give him the stupid name of Street Czar? Have they gone absolutely crazy?

Seattle's new $150,000-a-year 'street czar' Andrè Taylor once worked as a Las Vegas pimp who recruited girls as young as 16 for wealthy clients and got one pregnant, while enjoying a lavish lifestyle wearing alligator-skin shoes, custom-made Versace suits and a $90,000 Rolex
Andre Taylor…..
  • Andrè Taylor, 52, signed a $12,500 a month deal with Seattle on July 27 to work as its community liaison, according to the contract published by PubliCola  
  • Taylor was born to a prostitute mom and pimp dad – who taught him the trade 
  • Taylor, aka ‘Gorgeous Dre’, was convicted in 2000 of seven prostitution-related counts and sentenced to 5-and-a-half years, serving around one year  
  • In court testimony, one victim told how she miscarried his baby in a San Diego jail cell while her pimp lived the high life off the money she made 
  • Cheryl Davis, 20 at the time, told the court she moved into his $300,000 home with him and two other prostitutes in 1997 just after her 18th birthday
  • Taylor would then send her and other women seven days a week to meet wealthy clients at Vegas haunts Caesars Palace, the Mirage and New York New York 
  • He also transported an underage prostitute across state lines  
  • Taylor revealed in 1999 documentary ‘American Pimp’ that he believed ‘prostitution cuts down on rape’ and that the ‘best pimps are the best men.

He has spent the majority of his adult life living off women who had to sell their bodies to keep him in the lifestyle he wanted. He is a man of no morals and they think this man is the best way to deal with rioters??

Are the council out of their tiny brain dead minds?

The police are the best way to deal with the rioters. Give the police the back up of the Army and move in and just get rid of the trouble. I am disgusted that any decent council would put this man in charge of anything. The police officers must be so demoralised in their working professions, especially as the Council seem to back the wrong people all the time.

It is the same as Minneapolis where they have let a dozen people patrol with automatic rifles, just to keep the rioters happy again. 4 of them are convicted felons and should never have a gun…yet it seems the nutters are running the councils and letting in just about any convict to do the job of the police because they are that scared of the Marxist organisation known as BLM and rioters.

The police need to set up their own private security force and the decent people, the ones who would find the appointments of these convicts outrageous would pay for the private security…..then leave the area and the councilmen alone in the hell they created and if they get mugged etc…well that is what they have voted for….to give control to the rioting mob but should decent people really have to suffer for it.

This former pimp was filmed on video telling rioters to hold out for millions from the state, and there it is folks…it is all about money and the fact they think that it should be handed to them on a plate….

So, give the run down firebombed, wrecked buildings to the rioters, then the shops will leave after all there is only so many times they can put up with getting robbed and then there will be no shops, no jobs, no money and no police and surely that is their idea of heaven.

Until then….the police should not enter and not protect the stupid brain dead councillors who have voted this in as they must want these people on their patch to do that. So leave them to it. Not one police officer injured or murdered is worth protecting any of the council men and women, and certainly not the rioters.

I support the police 100% and the job they do is fantastic especially with the morons running the council.

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