I have spent the afternoon watching the goings on in Parliament over the bill that will provide legal protections for UK Armed Forces personnel and veterans on military operations overseas, and never have I shouted at the TV so much as when the Labour party stood up and did nothing but talk down our Armed Forces. It was shameful.

Ben Wallace the Defence Secretary was outraged at the way Labour were pandering to the rights of those who are our enemies. I lost count of the number of times some Labour MP constantly mentioned the Iraqis and Mr Wallace took time out to school this shameful MP that it was their mess that the Soldiers had had to clear up, and we all know it is because of Tony Blair and Alistair Campbells outright lies that our brave men and women ended up in Iraq. It was their lies that caused the breakdown in the Middle East, their lies that caused the vacuum of power and the rise of ISIS…but sadly that came later when our forces had returned home, as with them their it would never have happened.

They returned home…not to a heroes welcome by the Parliament but by a wave of a legal nightmares. The accusations against them were outrageous and downright lies. Some of our brave men were put through the ringer up to 5 times and it must have felt like it would never end, and sadly those brave men who went to Northern Ireland are going through the ringer and are in effect political prisoners. It is a shameful day when a British PM gives the terrorists and murders a get out of jail card (on the hush by the way), and then does nothing when our own men are hounded. Some of them are in their 70s and it is outrageous and a shame that should be put right and the charges against them stopped.

This bill will make sure liars and fraudsters like former Lawyer Phil Shiner (struck off) and others will never be allowed to bring such outrageous claims for money, and we know the claimants themselves lied from the beginning……

Our Armed Forces personnel have been treated so badly by Parliament, the same Parliament that had sent them to fight. Now I know that it was a different PM but it is obscene that this man and his lapdog have not been prosecuted yet such was the gusto to go after the Armed Forces.

The very people who protect us from the bad guys who would try to harm us were offered no support from either David Cameron, nor Theresa May and it was shameful that this was allowed to go on for so long and at long last we have a Prime Minister who is doing what he promised to do and that is stop the lies, the accusations and the threats to our service personnel.

It was shameful therefore to listen to Labour again and again putting down our Armed Forces, and all I heard from the Shadow Defence Secretary was the harm it would do to Human Rights. Does he not know that we have some of the most disciplined people in our Armed Forces and that we come under International Law? He also does not realise that soldiers would not disgrace their mates nor their unit, yet there was no defence of our Armed Forces but then what do you expect from a Shadow Defence Secretary who is a paid up member of Amnesty International, and who has never served in the Armed Forces. He is a former union man who then become a MP…so never really had a proper job and he has the audacity to stand up in the commons and spout human rights when not defending our military.

Where was the human rights of our Forces when they were sent to sort out the mess caused by a Labour Government.

As usual Sitting on the Fence Starmer was missing. Could it be because before he became an MP he took cases on from the very same Phil Shiner, yes he who lied and knowingly took on cases he knew were bogus….and defended those who would cause harm to our servicemen and women. Knowing that they couldn’t do it by the bullet, so decided to with the help of lawyers who falsely claim abuses that just did not happen.

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Lets not forget that Starmer has defended ISIS terrorists and also IRA terrorists so it was of no surprise that he was not there. After all, the number of times that Shiner was brought up for his fraudulent claims numbered at least a dozen times, and Starmer has no defence.

Leigh Day law firm who had also instigated false claims against the armed forces had in 2014 gave Labour tens of thousands of pounds in donations from one of the law firms criticised over false claims British soldiers were involved in torture and murder in Iraq. Leigh Day and Co gave the party or its MPs a total of £33,000 over two years, official records show.

In 2016 Islington South MP Emily Thornberry is said to have accepted a donation of nearly £50,000 from the firm with another £19,000 going to the Labour Party HQ.

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One of the biggest pieces of legislation to affect our Armed Forces and Starmer decided to stay away.

Mind you he was not there when the Internal Market Bill was read as he knew that he has acted against this country every time he demanded a second referendum. It seems that Sitting on the Fence Starmer is neither a patriot nor is he the Law and Order Man he says it is, but rather the defender of the terrorist especially when it came to our servicemen and women.

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