Captain Hindsight Strikes Again….

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Could anyone please explain why Captain Hindsight or commonly known as Keir Starmer addressed the nation tonight?

He is not the Prime Minister, he has the lowest number of MPs in his party. He cannot even with the other parties together defeat the Prime Minister in anything… why did he think he had anything to say to the nation?

Infact he didn’t. All he had was name calling and noting much else. He reiterated the same recycled points he did at his “conference online call”, and this was infact nothing more than a cynical attempt to have a Labour Party Political Broadcast.

To make use of this pandemic is nothing more than outrageous. He doesn’t care to offer any help, and certainly doesn’t have any ideas other than just calling the Prime Minister and the Government.

The BBC should not have allowed this to go on as he was politicising a pandemic, but we are talking about the BBC and they hate everything the Tories stand for, so of course they would let Captain Hindsight on the TV even though and I reiterate….he had nothing to offer.

All I can say is I heard blah blah blah, droning and whinging and nothing of real help and certainly nothing to show that he had any idea. We can always trust Labour and Starmer to put his foot in it at the right time and show that he is desperate to look and feel important. Well sadly Captain Hindsight it didn’t work as you have now sunk to as low as you can. Politicising a pandemic really is a new depth for the Labour Party.