The Prime Minister addressed the nation tonight on the continuing battle against Covid 19.

He spoke in a very eloquent manner and it was easy to understand and he laid out all of his reasons for bringing in the restrictions he is doing. He also made a plea for people to abide by the rules as he doesn’t want to bring in harsher lockdown rules.

He explained how he does not want to do that as he knows the effect it can have on those who have mental health problems, and he also knows it can affect the elderly as sometimes we forget about that…..that some people are just not coping with this whatsoever.

I am not sure why straight after it we needed that irritant Robert Peston to break it down as the PM explained it in an easy enough to understand sort of approach, and we know that the mainstream media are not kind to Boris, and the minute I saw Peston….the TV went over.

Instead of bashing Boris why not get behind him and show him that together we can beat this as nobody wants to see the numbers of deaths that we saw over the Spring, and he knows that with the flu season starting that we are facing a double whammy.

The Prime Minister will always have my support as he is trying his best in these extraordinary times and by working together, this togetherness he has spoken about then we lessen the risk and make sure that the NHS is overwhelmed. We need to support everyone in our choices….even if they are strangers because if we keep within the rules then we should lessen the impact.