No Deal getting closer by the day….

Boris Johnson, Barnier, Merkel, Macron

Well it seems that we are getting closer and closer to a no deal and I could not be happier. You see Boris decided to take on the bullies in the EU and showing them they cannot dictate to us what we do as a Sovereign nation.

The Internal Market Bill is currently going through parliament and as usual the remainers are talking endlessly about trying to stay in the EU as lets face it Treasonous May was determined to keep us in the EU with a deal that was not a deal…her Brexit means Brexit is the same as me saying cake means cake. It says a whole lot of nothing and she knew it and talk about misleading the voters and for that she should be thrown out of the Tory party.

Thankfully Boris took over and he has passed over the negotiations to Lord David Frost who is doing an awesome job and when we get out on the 31st December 2020 I hope he is given a cabinet post. The EU have met their Waterloo yet again…especially Macron….as there is no way we were going to allow the French to continue to rob nearly 90% of the fish….did they really think we would say oh go on seeing as its you! Do they really think that the French farmers are going to say it is ok when their own Government cause problems for the trucks? I cannot wait till the French Farmers start blocking the roads because of Macron being the patsy of the Germans.

I hope there is no deal and that the Internal Bill gets through all its readings as we have had for years the EU bossing us around, and it is disgraceful that former PMs such as May is criticising the one person who believes in this country. May will go down as the worst Home Secretary and the worst Prime Minister….that will be her legacy.

Lord Frost knows that both he and Boris have the people with him and that has given them the confidence to stand up to the EU….pity May couldn’t find her British spine…..

We will be brilliant outside of the EU and we do not have to ask any foreign entity who we can have contracts with, and we can take total control of our own destiny and what is wrong with that? To me its a win win and we save £39 billion and when other unhappy countries see that if they stick to their guns they too can win….then watch the corrupt deck of cards that is the fraudulent EU…fall.

The future out of the EU is suddenly looking very bright and very successful. Well done Lord Frost and Boris for giving us our pride back.

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