It seems Keir Starmer has popped up again with his usual bunch of salad words and attacking the PM with his conference today….hands up those who are not surprised!!!

Sir Keir was scathing about the Government's chaotic handling of the coronavirus crisis, saying they have 'lost control' and the testing system has 'collapsed just when we needed it most'

Starmer states that Boris is not up for the job of dealing with the Covid 19….as usual he criticises but offers nothing in the way of fresh ideas, and that is what happens when you are in opposition as you can call the Prime Minister what you want, and offer any thing…even go so far as offering everyone a million pounds because you know you will not be called upon to actually put your money where your mouth is. So his words like him ring hollow, as we know that Starmer has no policy for dealing with Covid 19 and all I can say is thank god that Boris is the PM at the time of this awful pandemic as can you imagine the state of the country if Labour had gotten in.

I myself have criticised the Government especially bringing in Dido Harding to run the testing system and there needs to be a complete overhaul and one Ms Harding fired, but other than that I have offered more advice than him….he offers a whole lot of nothing and definitely nothing of help and he should have his finger on the button and bring in new ideas not just criticism as it shows to me he has none. He thinks that spouting insults will hide that he has nothing to offer….well it doesn’t.

Starmer states that he would back reasonable steps to save lives and protect the NHS…oh goody…..what are those? Go on Sir Keir!! Waiting!!………..Waiting…..Waiting…….. Waiting…and there you have it….he talks a lot of nonsense and the salad words as the new generation call it but nothing of value really. What has he said? Well he blasted Boris and that’s it……absolutely zero…nothing….not a word of help, and that is what Starmer is all about. He does nothing else but talk and talk and talk and talk….zzzzzzzzzzzz, and offers nothing and does he honestly think we are stupid enough not to see that he is offering nothing?

He goes further stating he is the face of Law and Order….well lets look into that. He informed the police to not pursue the Muslim grooming gangs who were raping and abusing thousands of white girls, infact he goes even further to rub the salt into the wound and promotes Naz Shah to his shadow front bench as the communities shadow secretary. The same Naz Shah who told those white girls who were being abused to shut up for the sake of diversity. Is he for real? He has no sympathy for those who are victims of abuse because he stated that there is no real evidence on Jimmy Saville, and let one of the biggest paedophiles die in peace without having to stand trial for his crimes. In effect he robbed the victims of justice on both occasions.

When he worked as the Director of Public Prosecutions he ran the place in to the ground and they only received a rating of 12% for staff morale, and it was considered the worse run than at any other time.

When not the DPP he defended a known IRA terrorist who had his teeth broken when trying to escape and who shot at…SHOT AT THE GUARDS, and quite rightly he was stopped and what did Sir Keir I AM THE LAW do??? Well he sued the government on behalf of said scumbag..…now call me a bit picky….but that’s not defending law and order. He also defended ISIS members who were up in court and defended them as not so much bad guys! What planet is he is on?

As part of his bid to become the next Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer has made political capital out of his legal career by highlighting the cases he has pursued on behalf of the ‘underdog’. But there are some cases he appears to have airbrushed out of his CV – including representing convicted IRA terrorists who staged a botched jailbreak in which a prison guard was shot, and then sued for injuries they sustained. He also teamed up with a notorious human rights lawyer to free a suspected Iraqi terrorist who plotted to bomb British troops in Iraq. Acting under the instruction of Public Interest Lawyers, a now defunct firm run by disgraced human rights lawyer Phil Shiner, Starmer headed the legal team which sued the Government over a breach to Al-Jedda’s human rights. In 2007 the House of Lords ruled the detention of the suspected terrorist was lawful, but that ruling was then overturned in 2011 by the European courts. In 2017, Shiner was struck off the roll of solicitors after earning more than £1.6 million from an improper deal carving up fees from pursuing abuse claims against British troops. 

Acting under the instruction of Public Interest Lawyers, a now defunct firm run by disgraced human rights lawyer Phil Shiner, Starmer headed the legal team which sued the Government
Acting under the instruction of Public Interest Lawyers, a now defunct firm run by disgraced human rights lawyer Phil Shiner, Starmer headed the legal team which sued the Government

Starmer was criticised by former Labour Home Office Minister Kate Hoey, who said: ‘Keir Starmer likes to talk up his credentials as a human rights campaigner. However there is quite a lot of airbrushing of his CV going on here and the truth about his career outside politics is a good deal more complicated than this. ‘What you won’t hear Keir Starmer talk about is how he defended IRA terrorists suing the British taxpayer for injuries they sustained after breaking out of prison, how he worked with disgraced solicitor Phil Shiner to prevent British troops from detaining a suspected Iraqi terrorist.’ Ms Hoey added: ‘Of course everyone is entitled to legal representation, however, I am not sure where this fits Keir Starmer’s frequently stated synopsis of his career as ‘fighting for justice, standing up for the powerless and against the powerful’. ‘As a potential political leader he must be much more transparent about his previous work’.

He then goes on about my favourite subject…patriotism. This is the man who spent the last 4 years trying to stop Brexit. He totally ignored the vote which was a democratic vote…you Sir I AM THE LAW Starmer…..wanted to ignore it and infact offer us a remain and remain light. The sort of deal where we would not be allowed to make our own trade deals, where we would still have to take orders from a foreign body and would have to agree to just have about everybody coming to live here…regardless of the will of the majority.

He talks about solving the housing crisis…well two can do that. I am going to solve the housing crisis and I am going to do it the same way Starmer has said…..doo de doo de doo…..yep he had nothing to offer on that just stating they will resolve it. Well even little old me can do that… mum could say it but without any planning in how and with what finance remains what it is….a whole lot of nothing.

Then there is the quiet dropping of the student fees…you know that promise that they would abolish them. Nothing much coming out of that but it seems that Starmer is going back on the promise the Shadow Labour Party made to the Students. Now call me an old cynic but I think he was doing nothing more than showing them a carrot and they are now getting the stick. It seems that both Labour and the Lib Dems are determined to lie to Students to get a vote and then back track. I hope the Students realise that Starmer is not to be trusted.

Starmer when he was running for the leader of the party actually stated that “Labour must stand by its commitment to end the national scandal of spiralling student debt and abolish tuition fees. We lost the election, but we did not lose our values or determination to tackle the injustice facing young people going to university” His promises are as empty as his solutions to any situation…..

He prattles on endlessly about how anti semetism is not allowed in the Labour Party, but he was part of the senior shadow team who stood by and watched the Jewish people of this country becoming more and more concerned and looking at leaving this country because of the shadow government, and he did nothing. He did not have the honour to say I am quitting the shadow bench because this anti semetism is repugnant and I will not stand shoulder to shoulder with Corbyn whilst he allows this to happen. Did he do that?? Nope he let it carry on it all its vileness and as a former DPP he would have known that the Labour Party were actually committing a hate crime and he did the same as he always does…nothing.

Starmer did nothing whilst his race baiting colleague Dawn Butler spread lies about the police over the internet, and did nothing despite numerous complaints regarding those MPs who broke the lockdown rules and joined the rioting mob. He also took the knee to a Marxist organisation and that alone shows me he does not love this country as him and his ghastly mob are trying to delete my history, your history and the history of this beautiful Island. After all he has signed up all the Labour MPs for the unconscious bias training with some blue puppet….does he not realise that we see it as capitulation and giving into the mob and certainly not the way the leader of the opposition should behave.

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The Labour party has not changed…it has just changed the person who leads it. They still hate this country and everything we value. They will go with whatever latest outrage suits their faux cause and they cannot be trusted with the economy, the security and our standing on the world stage because Labour are not for the people. Starmer does not believe in this country as a great nation but rather he just wants the keys to No 10 and will offer the world if he thinks it will get him there….just like Corbyn, and like Corbyn he did nothing to stop the rioting, the vile abuse that Brexiters received, he backed Marxist organisations and said nothing whilst Corbyn, him and their fellow shadow cabinet took the Labour party into the gutter and under Starmer…it will stay there.