Boris brings in the Army….

Boris Johnson has brought in the Army to help deal with Covid 19 and to try and stop those who will just not behave themselves with fines of £10,000 and quite rightly so.

We are now at the Level 4 of the Pandemic and it will get worse….

‘Six months’ of curbs at a glance

  • All pubs, bars and restaurants in England will be subject to a 10pm curfew from Thursday, with the PM adamant that premises must kick out all of their customers by the cut off point. 
  • The Hospitality sector will also be restricted to table service only as the Government outlawed drinkers making a trip to the bar. 
  • All retail workers and customers in indoor hospitality settings will be required to wear masks  – except when they are seated to eat or drink.
  • All workers who can work from home are now being encouraged to do so from tomorrow. 
  • Fines for breaking the rule of six and for failing to wear a face covering are increasing to £200 for a first offence. 
  • The police will now have the option of asking the military for support with soldiers potentially being drafted in to fulfil office roles and guard protected sites in order to allow officers more time to crackdown on rule-breakers. 
  • The number of people allowed to attend weddings in England is being slashed to 15 from Monday but the number of people allowed to attend a funeral will remain at 30.  
  • Plans for the partial return of sports fans to stadiums on October 1 has been paused.
  • Rule of six exemptions are being tightened to ban indoor team sports like five-a-side-football matches. 

I fully support the Prime Minister with what he is trying to do but it is difficult when people just will not behave themselves…..

This pandemic is just on the growth again and I know Mr Points of Sue and I are going to stay in and do as we are told….as I want to protect not only my family but also those around me….

Public Health England data reveals that of the 729 outbreaks in the week to September 13, only five per cent occurred in food outlets such as restaurants and pubs
Public Health England data reveals that of the 729 outbreaks in the week to September 13, only five per cent occurred in food outlets such as restaurants and pubs

I think the PM really should look at locking down further those who are retired, unwell and who do not need to be out….the elderly etc. I have spoken to my own mother about this and she stated that if it would help then she would spend the time in because this is getting scary, and that her and no doubt millions of others do not want to see the deaths hit the level of the first wave.

Failure to wear a mask will now result in a £200 fine unless you are medically exempt, but the laws are vague and need to be made known to the public as I had a poor lady asking me at the local freezer store if she had to wear one. She informed me that she had severe asthma and just didn’t know. I informed her that because of her condition she is exempt, but maybe if the Government or the NHS sent some form of recognition for those who cannot wear a mask…maybe it would stop the tuts, the stares and the uncomfortable feelings those who do not wear a mask have to endure everyday…. as it could become nasty out there if people are dying of this and see people without masks.

I still believe that Boris is the best person to handle this pandemic but he needs to make his laws more clear, and yes the Army would help especially with those who are going mad with their panic buying as it seems to be ridiculous that some can just walk out with so much items from a store leaving those who are on less money having to cope, but that would be a last resort as people just cannot help themselves….it is ridiculous.

If we cannot behave as a nation and do as we are told and please this is a plea then we will see the R rate rise again and then there will be the total draconian powers brought in and it will be our fault. We cannot blame Boris if we do not do as we are told and just help him to get this awful virus eliminated from our country, because if not we will have to learn to live with it and the deaths it will bring, and it will be nothing but pain and sorrow and surely behaving ourselves is saving ourselves from that.

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