Mrs May has raised her head and attacked Boris over his handling of the Brexit deal.

I must say she has a bloody cheek as her handling of it was to role over get her belly rubbed and give the EU everything they demanded. She did not think once that she was not doing what the voters had instructed her to do, but rather was too concerned with keeping the likes of Tusk, Barnier and Verhofstadt happy.

Her Brexit means Brexit is the same as dog means dog. It says nothing at all.

Brexit Live: theresa may
Mrs May talking against the deal (no one is surprised)..

She accused Mr Johnson’s Government of acting “recklessly and irresponsibly” without thinking of the long-term consequences by its willingness to breach international law. It seems that Mrs May is still batting for the EU and happy to do their work for them, despite having to resign as she knew her time as the worst British Prime Minister was over. We had had enough and she cannot seem to accept that the people knew what she was up to and wanted her out of No 10.

Leading Brexit campaigner Darren Grimes said Mrs May’s warning to lawmakers made him grateful she was no longer in No 10. He said: “With each passing day I am so completely and utterly delighted that Theresa May is out of office. “In trying to appear tough”, explains why she was so completely and utterly supine in her approach to negotiations with, and threats from, the EU and defending our national interest.”

Mrs May was too interested in keeping the EU happy and selling out this country….and it seems her desire to scrap this internal market bill is just another way for her to show the EU that she is still on their side.

Some people should never hold the high office of No 10 if they are not willing to back this country 100%. All I can say is thank god she has gone and we have a true servant of the country in charge. There have been only two women who have held the office of No 10…one Baroness Thatcher was a great Prime Minister and the other one Mrs May wasn’t. I hope because of her appalling record that it does not blot the copy book of another woman who could get into No 10, because I have a feeling that will be the legacy of one Theresa May.