It seems the panic buying has already started….well I have to admit that I did with one thing today….I bought extra cat food and treats as they were hard to get hold of last time(seems some people had started eating cat food), was great getting my dog his things but always the cat food and I had to resort to Amazon and paid over the odds (lesson learnt)……… Anyway the panic buying has started and is it really necessary?

There are concerns that a second wave of panic buying has already begun, with stocks of essential items like toilet roll running low. (Pictured: Tesco in Portsmouth)
Sainsburys Portsmouth
There are concerns thaShoppers share photographs of supermarkets with the shelves stripped bare (above, ASDA in London)
Sainsburys Portsmouth

Mr Points of Sue and I went shopping today and I decided to shop in Lidl as I got so stressed out in Asda as they had markers on the floor, and it was not user friendly and people seem to just bump into each other that I thought….that’s it and went off to Lidl and the shopping was lovely, people were courteous and no panic buying. I however have told the family that that is it for the next couple of weeks because of lockdown as we all know its going to get worse and I do not want to be stuck in a line for hours….

If everybody decided to panic buy then what about those people who cannot get out as often? There is nothing sadder than seeing a young mum or a pensioner not being able to get the items they need.

The large stores such as Morrisons have now decided to bring in the line system to make sure that not too many people get in at one time, and it won’t be long before the others do. If you want to guarantee your shopping then I suggest you start to use the online app for the store you use (sadly Lidl and Aldi don’t deliver) and get a delivery, and if you pay £5 a month you get the opportunity of booking a regular slot. I actually have an Asda shop once every 3 weeks and it takes the sweat out of having to go out as there is no way I can face going back in there no matter how lovely the staff are.

I know now that I will not do well in a queue as being disabled means I cannot wait and wait, but also I would feel guilty if I thought I had spent too much time in the stores so this is a win win situation.

Britain's biggest chains have made assurances that they have enough stock and delivery slots to last (pictured: empty shelves in Asda, south London)
Asda South London
Toilet roll stocks were getting low at a Tesco store in Surrey Quays, London, as social media users lamented the panic, with one user posting: 'It's happening again'
Tesco London

I am determined though not to spend more than necessary as during the last lockdown I seemed to have spent so much money on the online shopping app it got ridiculous, as beware sometimes they only put the most expensive stuff on there….for instance if they are selling the expensive hand gel for £3 a bottle…buy hand soap. You can get Asda’s gentle soap for 69p for 4….so whilst ensuring you are not in a queue don’t get taken into paying more than necessary…..I could cry if I sat down and thought how much I spent on the app last time….so message to me….don’t fall for it again.

I know this is a stressful time for families and just remember that some companies like Morrisons will do a delivery the same day if necessary, and if you are worried that some in your neighbourhood are struggling to get their necessities either offer to help or ring up one of the many church charities as they are offering food drop offs. I know that as the community face book group I run has advertised on there and they are more than happy to help, and for some that is a godsend…literally.

I am of no doubt that over the next couple of days that we shall start to see the queues…….so be patient as the staff are doing the best they can and remember they are working in the most stressful of times too.