Could any of you cope with what Boris has been through??

I am flabbergasted at how people are openly pulling the Prime Minister apart…..take a step back and see what he has done and what he is going through and think that any other human being would have collapsed in a corner and stayed there rocking…..

Boris promised us to get Brexit done and he is doing that. Not only that but he is giving us our pride back….something that Mrs May and the other PMs had left at the feet of the EU. He has shown that we cannot be bullied by the monstrosity that is the EU and the pride I feel when he or Lord Frost stand up to the EU is real, and it is a long time since I have felt that and Boris is responsible for that as he believes in the country. He loves this country.

Then he has been hit with a pandemic that no one expected and not only did he try and save all those jobs but he has made sure that no one lost their job through the furlough scheme and he did this with the help of the Chancellor. So millions of people have to thank the excellent fiscal work of the Tories and that is because of Boris and the team he picked.

Then he almost died catching this horrible virus and it was touch and go and yes it has changed him, but being so close to death and knowing what those who are suffering it are going through has made him think differently, and of course he wants to stop as many people as possible from dying from it, yet did he rest NO…he knew the country needed him and he came back despite his own health. That is a leader and he knew that we the people needed him…..

He and the Tory party have managed to get contracts with other countries and they are doing it right now as we speak. He is determined to make this country successful as he loves this country and he is not ashamed to say so. He has done everything with Brexit that the so called experts said he couldn’t do and there is more to come.

He is bringing in laws to stop illegal immigrants coming in from safe countries, and he is determined that those who are a risk to this country are kicked out and deported, despite the wrath of the bleeding heart brigade….and why….quite simply he loves this country and wants to protect it from those who would harm it.

He is not like Sitting on the Fence Starmer who will not answer a question and tries to deflect it every time…but Boris will answer whether you like the answer or not, and I do believe that he is an honest man. He is a successful man….after all look at how profitable he left our Capital….what a pity that the Mayor Khan has bankrupted it so quickly but that is not Boris’s fault he ran the capital perfectly.

He has taken on the BBC with regards to the Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia, and is going to take them on with regards to their outrageous treatment of the elderly, and their ridiculous wages to smug stars such as Lineker. He has let loose Dominic Cummings on those civil servants who really are a drain on society and who think they run the country, and yes the people are behind him on this as unaccountable civil servants really do get our back up. He has wiped out the debt of the NHS and no he is not responsible for buying the PPE for private care homes….but he is willing to help. He wants to bring in so many apprentices to get our young people out to work and to learn a trade, and he talks up Britain unlike Labour who talks down this beautiful country.

He respects the voters and knows that he has a lot more to do but give the guy a break people. He has done all this in 10 months and he has so many big plans and this can only be good for this country.

So next time you are struck down with a cold and moaning about how unwell you feel….think about Boris as he is bound to still be suffering from this virus and he is not stopping, and he is not stopping because he wants to show the people of Great Britain that he is worth the vote they gave him, and he is worth the vote again when the time comes.