It seems the lefty brigade have stirred the Honours Committee into wokeness and they are now looking at removing the word Empire from OBE and MBE. That is not their decision to make….they do not speak for me or others who want it to stay.

Why this all of a sudden? The Honours have been here decades with very few saying no.

Surely if you are against the history of this country then your own moral stance should tell you to turn it down. After all if you hate this country and its history that much why would you want an accolade?

The Honours Committee needs to sit back drink their earl grey, dunk their chocolate biscuits and step away from joining the minority, and it is a minority that is trying to ruin our history and the majority won’t allow it. I love this country and our history and yes there have been bad parts, but you learn from that…not tear it down because of some outrage that really is nothing to do with our system.

Quite simply if it offends you then don’t accept. Don’t be a hypocrite at being awarded something you feel offended at. It doesn’t offend me nor millions of others and it really is time this silliness is stopped.

If the Honours Committee cannot back our history then simple replace then with those who do not show faux outrage.