A bloody disgrace…she needs jailing.


Former nurse Kate Shemirani is a total disgrace with her coronavirus denying claims, and her calling of and inciting violence to the police is outrageous.

Encouraging the crowds to turn on the police is inciting hatred and the full weight of the law must come down on this woman. She is causing nothing but trouble in a time that is a national emergency.

To openly incite the males in the group to attack the police should have resulted in her immediate arrest. She is one of those barking mad nut jobs who gets even more barking mad when you listen to what she says. I should imagine finding this new 15 minutes of fame has fulfilled her every ambition….and the police pay the price, but not that she cares….she is the face of hate.

The minute this pathetic woman starts she should be hauled away with those who support her, and when she catches the virus and she will catch it, she should be refused any medical help as she is putting our NHS, and brave NHS workers at risk and all for a pathetic stunt and 15 minutes of fame.

She is mad, bad and dangerous and she needs to be stopped, not because of her crazy ideas because we know everytime there is an emergency out of the woodwork they come, but stopped because of inciting violence against the police.

This pandemic has brought out every loon and instead of giving them any more air space, she needs to be ignored and arrested as this is no lady and she will not stop till quite possibly someone is killed with the violence she is stirring up.