It seems that the total mismanagement of the Capitals affairs by one Sadiq Khan has gone full circle and London is now at the risk of going bankrupt.

How on earth did this happen? How did this man who is totally incompetent even be allowed to get this far? He needs to be thrown out of office.

Mr Khan added the New Year will instead be welcomed by 'something that people can enjoy in the comfort of their living rooms,' but was unable to give details
Sadiq Khan

He was a vanity project that has cost the country dearly as there is no way Boris will allow the capital to go bust, and it now seems that the taxpayers will have to bail out his failings. I remember once I got an email telling me that because I did not live in London I shouldn’t really have a say, and that I was doing it because he is a Muslim…..well before that person becomes offended again…..

The reason I am doing it because my taxes and that of a great deal of people will have to bail out this useless individual and his failings, and because its my money I have every right to have my say. It is outrageous that he took over a prosperous city from Boris Johnson and in so few years has ruined it. Was no one keeping an eye on his ludicrous projects and his spending?

He has has informed the Committee for London that TFL will be out of money by the end of this month….well did no one stand up and say “erm what the hell have you done with the money”. Khan as usual is now trying to divert the blame on him and say that Boris is punishing Londoners…well from what I remember Boris left the city with considerable wealth and it took this incompetent fool no time at all to waste it.

What is truly amazing is that Sitting on the Fence Starmer still thinks Khan is a great role model….did someone hit him on the head as I cannot think of a worse person and the poor people of London will now have to have bills shoot up considerably to pay for his miserable failings.

Mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey has stated “in a few weeks Transport for London will run of out of money. Again, Sadiq Khan will blame coronavirus. Again…but he’s wrong. Again. On October 18th TFL will run out of money again. The coronavirus is not the only reason for TFL’s financial troubles. Sadiq introduced a fare subsidy that mostly benefited tourists. He failed to deliver on crossrail, not once, not twice but three times. He let the TFL debt balloon to a record high of £13 billion, and all of this was before coronavirus.

The Government has already had to step in and take control of the crumbling bridges, especially the collapsing Hammersmith Bridge. This has been shut for 18 months and the people were fed up. Khan did nothing and he has the cheek to state that the Government needs to put their money where their mouth is.

How about Khan shutting his and resigning as he is past his sell by date, and the people of this country cannot continue to pay for such incompetence and I would suspect the majority would welcome his sacking as due to these times Boris must take total control and fire him. Having a temporary Mayor to cover till the elections and making sure Khan does not stand again should do and I do hope that Shaun Bailey gets in, he seems to have some sense about him….sadly Khan is lacking.

That won’t be the last we hear of the incompetent one….Sitting on the Fence Starmer will parachute him into a safe seat and the poor people of whatever constituency will have to put with a failure because of the virtual signalling of the idiotic Labour Leader and the totally disastrous Labour Mayor who looking for another way to feed off the taxpayers will want an MPs job next.