Police Officer Westerfield mattered… POLICE LIVES MATTER

Say MY name. I was shot in the head and killed, on my 47th birthday, while responding to shots fired in a domestic dispute. I was murdered by Carl Le’Ellis Blount, a black male on probation, with outstanding warrants, whose lengthy criminal history, included assault toward both his girlfriend and an officer.

I didn’t have the opportunity to defend myself in any manner. My killer approached me as I sat in my squad car, lights on, engine running, and pulled the trigger. I was left to die, and was later found slumped over the steering wheel.

I was a veteran, and a survivor of Desert Storm. I did not, however, survive serving those in my own community. I was senselessly taken from my four daughters, and my fiancé.

My name is Jeffrey Westerfield, and my life mattered.

Rest now Warrior and the world is sadder at you going….

SayHisName #AllLivesMatter #BlueLivesMatter

Taken from Facebook….