Passing the buck….

Dido Harding is refusing to take responsibility for her failings and effectively trying to pass the buck. i do not understand why those in Government insist on giving out jobs that is in effect way above a person’s capability and pay grade just because they are chum of someone! Its crazy and the wrong way to deal with a pandemic. It shows lack of care, lack of concern and is downright disrespectful to the people. .

When at Talk Talk there was a CEOs complaints department and god help you if put a disgruntled customer through as the snotagrams were fast and incoming and generally to the head of your department. You were in effect banned from putting people through and this was just a way of passing the buck and making sure that people did not get through to her….and I should know I had the misfortune of being there when all the data was stolen and the consideration given was minimal at best.

Blaming SAGE and how dare the public who are worried about this virus tip up for tests….my grief you would think there is not a pandemic going on the way she is talking and how much do you want to bet she has had a test!!!!

There have been long queues at some Covid testing sites, such as this one in Southend-on-Sea, but others have been deserted despite people struggling to get screened
People doing what people always do when they are scared….want reassurance that it will be ok and if a test does that, then so be it.

The 52-year-old former TalkTalk was appearing alongside former Apple executive Simon Thompson, who was appointed to run the contact-tracing app project after the Government abandoned a previous attempt which failed to work properly on iPhones. (daily mail)

I blame the Government and Harding for taking a role that she has no idea of how to do and was totally unqualified for. These quangos have to stop as it is costing lives, companies and money and this serious medical project is not for someone to play around with.

Harding needs sacking and replacing, along with the former Apple Executive as it has not worked, they have not worked and it is a fools journey to keep them two at the helm when they are so out of their depth.

People will be more relieved to see the back end of this disastrous duo and replaced with two senior medical executives who know what they are doing, and who do not hide under any given excuse to try and mask their own failings.

The people will not have any faith in the leadership of the Covid task force until they have new people in place, as it will go from bad to worse and maybe Harding needs to realise that she is a better at being a jockey than she would ever be running the country’s response to this awful virus that is costing lives, and this includes removing her from anything to do with the NHS.

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