I feel so sorry for the children of today…

With this racist claptrap that “woke” pathetic teachers are teaching children. There is no white privilege and it is the most pathetic excuse for race baiting I have ever seen and why is it so many leftists fall for the con? It doesn’t look big, woke or cool but rather pathetic….

Children go to school for education….not some bandwagon the latest fools have jumped on, but they can’t leave it can they….and what a missed opportunity to teach about our history…but nope that’s not good enough for these people. They want to trash our children and trash our history.

Any teacher teaching this rubbish needs firing as it is hard enough for children these days, without giving them more burdens to carry. Shame on those teachers because making some of your pupils apologize for something they haven’t done, and then to punish them is child abuse.

Parents need to tackle them head on and show them it’s BS ……

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