Anyone Surprised?? Anyone??

Seems Ofcom have taken the surrender route and are not going to investigate that really bad dance routine by Diversity.

Controversial: Ofcom bosses have concluded they will not investigate Diversity's Black Lives Matter dance from Britain’s Got Talent on 5 September

If that was done by a white person my god Ofcom would have investigated it with no-one making a complaint. It seems that the new “woke” culture is going to allow certain members of society get away with offending the public (as surely 24,000 complaints is huge) and instead provoking anger about something that happened some 5,000 miles and is absolutely nothing to do with our police, and this crass performance is called ART…..

It was meant to cause an issue and thanks to the cowardice of Ofcom they have gotten away with it, however we can have the last laugh….just don’t watch them….after all they are nowhere near in the same sphere as Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly and I watched them once and thought….right next.

Knowing now that Ofcom won’t do anything because they have surrendered to the woke culture…just switch them off as money talks and if BGT lose viewers and money…..they will act then. Remember folks you have the power…not them.

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