MP Ben Bradley has refused to take part in the “unconscious bias training” that seems to be the latest woke rubbish.

It is a waste of tax payers money and what the hell has a blue cookie type monster got to do with training? Could it be just an excuse to make some money? Unconscious training is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard and who the hell thought that up?

Of course Sir Keir Sitting on the Fence Starmer has signed up the Labour party…(must be great when you can just sign away and the taxpayers pick it up), but funny how he managed to do nothing for the 5 years he was a senior member of the anti semetic Corbyn’s shadow bench. Does he really take us for fools? This is just him trying to appeal to the woke generation, whereas in reality the normal population agree with Ben Bradley.

Ben Bradley, a vice-chairman of the party under Theresa May, lashed out at a 'metropolitan ''groupthink'' that is intolerant to any diversity of views' and said he would not take part
Femi Otitoju with ¿UB¿ puppet, that is said to be used in the 'unconscious bias' training given to MPs in a course designed by Challenge Consultancy
Femi Otitoju with ‘UB’ puppet, that is said to be used in the ‘unconscious bias’ training given to MPs in a course designed by Challenge Consultants.

Its not training but an afternoon spent with a poor man’s version of sesame street, and not as enjoyable.

Have these idiotic MPs not realised that they are fuelling the fire of the permanently offended who are just permanently offended by anything and everything, and it is infact the offended who need the training.

I read the most outrageous racial slurs from one young black lady against a black man on Twitter and all because he votes Conservative. If I had said those nasty, disgusting and racist words I would expect a knock on the door by PC Plod but the WOKE brigade think that anyone is fair game….and no one seems to want to stop them, infact Starmer seems to blame anyone but….

Why doesn’t Starmer get off his fence and actually go out and meet real people without taking the knee in a publicised event that backfired, or spending the afternoon with the bloody cookie monster and find out who are the victims of this racial abuse….as trust me it is not only black people who are suffering.

However, he won’t as he is virtual signalling as he thinks that will get him votes…and it won’t as white people are fed up of being told we are racist when we are not…..but that is not good enough for the virtual signallers.

Again, I am with Ben Bradshaw as I certainly do not some virtual signaller telling me I am racist due to being white, as that is racist in itself and unlike most of those screaming, shouting and rioting I was brought up with manners and respect my elders, and maybe if they had been brought up the right way they would know this.

Respect of people who are different begins at home and sadly those who are offended now will be breeding the next generation and it will just carry on with their perceived injustices….and a bloody blue puppet is only adding to that.

Stand by your principles Ben and tell the virtual signallers to stop as they are causing more harm than good, and it won’t get them elected anymore than the terrorist supporting anti semite did.