Cox leading rebellion….but this photo says it all….

Theresa May's former legal chief Geoffrey Cox (pictured together in 2019) said it would be 'unconscionable' for the Government to override the Brexit divorce deal

It seems the former remainer Attorney General Geoff Cox is leading the rebellion in Parliament against the PM….who but for Boris Johnson….he would not have a job in Parliament as the people voted for Boris not the remainers, and certainly not Mrs May to keep sticking her unwelcome oar in.

Of course true to form they promise anything to get back in and then go back on it….sad to say we are no longer surprised that Parliament is yet again trying to thwart the will of the people. It is outrageous really and Boris needs to kick out the ringleaders as some 4 years on and they are still at it, is 4 years too many in my opinion.

Mrs May’s deal was Brexit in name only and she would have tied this country to the EU for good, but thankfully she got handed her backside and kicked out of the main seat and then up pops the 5 most deplorable people in the shape of May, Cameron, Brown, Blair and Major and can anyone really state what good they did for the country?

I know that Cameron gave us the referendum but he was stupid enough to believe that remain would won, and when he lost spat his dummy out and left. Not really what you expect from a PM, and Mrs May is the worst Home Secretary we ever had and is running equal to Major as the most disastrous PM we every had, as both of them were trying to con the British public and create closer ties to the EU. None of the former PMs have advanced Great Britain but rather hindered us and caused illegal wars, bankrupt us, signed us into treaties without asking the people and just causing so much distrust that the people have had enough.

Now we need to turn our attention to those MPs who vote against the PM. They do know that the EU is threatening our United Kingdom and want to block goods into our lands? They think this is acceptable?

Tory MP Rehman Chishti today said he is resigning as a Government envoy because he cannot support the UK Internal Market Bill

Funny how they are all kicking off that we need to honour our word but the EU are not honouring theirs, and they are actually threatening us with bringing the UK down, now I don’t know about you but they are breaking their own international treaty when it states that those who want to leave the EU must be dealt with in a professional and friendly manner. The EU has not done this whatsoever, infact they were so convinced that remain would win that Donald Tusk stated those who facilitated Brexit deserve their special place in hell, and there behold was the opening gambit from the most corrupt, bent, unelected, unanswerable monstrosity in modern history.

We knew from day one that the remainers would try their best to thwart the will of the people, and Boris needs to purge the ring leaders. After all if he withdraws the whip from someone like Mrs May then her constituency can call a by-election if 10% or more request her resignation, and they need to be taught a lesson. They are there to enact the will of the people and they need to just get on with it……

It is time to start playing tough Boris with Cox, Chisti and May and all those others who helped facilitate that disgraceful spectacle called the 2017 – 2019 Parliament. We, the people hold onto the true power and we gave that to Boris to get Brexit done and not to roll over and bow down to the abomination that is the EU.

It is such a heartbreak that so many politicians and former PMs who sit in such a glorious house of history bring so much shame to it by their actions. Get us out Boris and tear up that god awful WA.

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