The irony is lost on them…

Well it didn’t take long for the ghastly duo of Major and Blair to pop up out of their swamp and accuse the PM of embarrassing Great Britain.

Hello pot meet kettle from this dodgy duo. Major who signed away in the most sneaky of fashion our rights without so much as a discussion, but then he has always put the rights of the EU ahead of this country….which as a former PM is treachery. He is referred to as the worst chancellor and PM we ever had, and my god there are so many to choose from.

He stabbed the one person in her back when she had guided his career, and Baroness Thatcher knew what a snake, and talking of snakes instead of concentrating on this country he was having an affair with Edwina Currie. So his former PM couldn’t trust him, the wife can’t trust him and the country certainly doesn’t.

Then we have my favourite slime ball Blair. He sexed up a document that was full of lies to cause a war, lied to parliament, caused the death of 198 loyal soldiers of her Majesty, and with him and his god awful lapdog Campbell caused the death of Dr David Kelly and hundreds and thousands of Iraqis, and there never was WMDs he is a liar. To then stab our service personnel in the back by giving hush hush get out of jail cards free to the IRA terrorists was just about the most obscene thing a British PM can do. He backed the terrorists.

He knew it was nauseous to the people of Great Britain and that’s why it was never made public till one of said terrorist scum produced it. He took money from Gaddafi, but denied the victims families of damages for Lockerbie and but for Brown would have disregarded this nation and took us into the Euro. All to become President of Europe.

He opened this country to the mass immigration that has caused so many problem s and has brought an unprecedented increase in crimes, and then he tours the world working for despots and murderers with money to continually increase his.

So really to have them say anything is an affront to the British people as both are treacherous and both would sell out this country in a heartbeat to their EU master’s. So keep going Boris the traitorous duo are simply an annoyance…you know the wipe from the bottom of your shoe type annoyance.