The Government is proving to be useless at stopping the invasion of the unwanted immigrants.

We know nothing about these people and we know already some are sleepers. To wait till the 1st January is not good enough. Get the Navy out in patrol and stop the boats.

We did not put them in the boats and we should not be offering a taxi service if they get into trouble. Just get them back to France or return them within 48 hours

This is current situation is not good enough. Our patience has ran out and those type coming here are not in need, they are just chancers wanting a free ride… Well not on my taxes.

We do not even know what sort of person we are letting in by being so negligent, and our children, the elderly and us women are being put at great risk.

Get tough Home Secretary and kick these people out. Not wanted and certainly not needed. Put Britain first and protect our land….not giving them a free ride.