Of course OFCOM won’t do a thing about the so called dance routine by Diversity on BGT.

BGT is already dwindling and really has outlived its usefulness, and programmes like that are supposed to be an escape from the reality of day to day things, not having a “DANCE” about someone dying 5000 miles away.

This disgraceful debacle has nothing whatsoever to do with Police in the United Kingdom, and it really is nothing more than race bating, and the virtual signalling was nauseous.

To top it off a Judge… laughable but a Judge on the programme Alsesha Dixon says people who don’t like it can kiss her black a**e. Charming and just shows why this programme is going to the dogs, as that sort of nasty language is really not suitable for children.

If you can’t stand the criticism then hey don’t stir up the public….that door swings both ways, and it’s obvious they read the public wrong but gave them maximum publicity to line their pockets….well played… nauseating but well played.