Thanks to her decision to take Mrs Mays Government to court….the ruling is now going to work in Brexits favour.

You see when Ms Miller came out triumphant and blowing her own trumpet at the stuffing of the Government….she couldn’t get enough of her droning voice, droning on and t on and on, and looking so smug too …

She accepted the loud cheers of hurrah from the Remainers that she had stuck into the Government, and that Mrs May cannot do anything without Parliament and that it is Parliament who are truly Sovereign, and she must of thought then we were beaten….

Well she did it again to try to stop Brexit and took Boris to court to stop him shutting down Parliament….again with the Supreme Court under Lady Hale and other judges ruling that it is Parliament who are the supreme sovereign of this country…..and again her droning voice was on every remain backing media show….Then this happened….omg it’s delicious..her court case gave us out!!

Well I bet she wishes she hadn’t now….as thanks to her attempt to stop BREXIT….she has given the perfect loophole to rip up the Working Agreement because as the highest court in the land decided….Parliament is sovereign and not breaking any laws…..

So thanks for your interference Gina…I know you didn’t expect your own ruling to help the Government, but karma is such a nice thing to write to you at long last

So on behalf Brexiteers …..thanks although I don’t think you are too happy right at this moment….and that kind of makes it 2 for 1…šŸ¤£šŸ˜…šŸ¤£šŸ¤£