Rebel leaders need sacking…

Boris Johnson was given a clear mandate and that was to get us out of the EU….With or without a deal

The need for tearing up the WA is because the fraudulent monstrosity called the EU is not acting in respect of us being a sovereign nation, and have forced this on us and we cannot be expected to give in…..

They are just annoyed, super annoyed that we dare leave but the majority of Brits knew exactly what that place is. We know what the EU is and we wanted none of it….and those in Parliament know how fed up the public were at the last swamp, and some as usual are resorting to their usual stance of protecting the EU, and against their own country. Disgraceful.

Boris needs to fire the leaders of this Rebel Group. Take back the whip and then provide their constituents with an alternative choice so that they can get rid. This way any rebel will know if they work against the people, they are out.

It is simply outrageous that any MP puts a foreign entity ahead of the will of the people. Sack them Boris.