Dame Diana Rigg has passed away today at the age of 82. She succumbed to Cancer and I for one think she made an amazing contribution to the British Screen.

She was quite simply an awesome actress and the people I grew up watching are slowly saying goodbye to this world, and that is sadly one of the downside of getting older.

There is nothing like a Dame and there will be nobody else like Dame Diana Rigg again as she was not only beautiful, sassy and funny but she was a great actress.

Dame Diana Rigg was last night hailed as a 'luminous talent' after her death yesterday at the age of 82. Pictured: Rigg with Patrick McNee in The Avengers
Patrick McNee and Diana Rigg in the Avengers.
Anyone of a certain age brought up on 1960s black and white television will remember Diana Rigg as the leather catsuit-clad, high-kicking Emma Peel, writes Richard Kay
A stunning woman…..