All day long there has been endless precision of outraged remainer politicians who have planted their flag firmly in the EU side when it should be in the camp of the United Kingdom.  I cannot understand how 2 former Prime Ministers, a former Attorney General and other individuals are talking down Boris and his decision if necessary to rip up the hated written agreement.   It is an eye opener to see just how little some of these so called politicians actually think of Great Britain…guess becoming an MP meant they didn’t have to get a proper job in some cases as actually some of them have never had a proper job.

I cannot stand watching John Major as he signed us up to Maastricht and effectively screwed this country over without so much as a bye your leave, and then he dares state that the word of Great Britain is all we have as our military is no longer a force…..Way to go Major….talk about putting down those brave people who defend this country, and then there is the question of the Referendum result.

The people on the Remain Side honestly thought that their side was going to win, and the most intolerant people have been the remainers ever since.  They have been intolerant to the nth degree and how many times were we told that we did not know what we were voting for…in other words we are too stupid, and then my personal dislike that the minute the vote is out we are going to hell in a hand basket.  Well they have all been proven wrong but what a testing time we Brexiters had.

When a Prime Minister makes a commitment then yes you do expect them to follow through with it, however the remainer side including Major spent 3.5 years moving heaven and earth to stop the democratic will of the people.  We were promised by both the Prime Minister and the traitorous parliament that they would enact the will of the people and then promptly did everything it could to reverse or revoke it. 

Major states that we would be a laughing stock on the world stage, but because of the likes of him and all the others who are working with a foreign entity have already done that, and I read with some amusement that the EU is crying out that we are laughing at them…oh boo hoo….live with it mardies. The inability of parliament to see through the will of the people has shown that when it suits them the politicians do not mind lying and revoking to get their way, and they themselves have shown when it is against what they want they can quite happily cancel any contract if they can find their slippery tentacles inside it…..Well the General Election put paid to that.

Talking about the General Election, you would think sitting on the fence Starmer would at least kid voters in the North that he has gotten over the Brexit vote but nope….he has joined the clamber of those politicians who really have no say in the matter to open their mouths and disrespect not on the Prime Minister but the will of the people.

Major can not be trusted.  He lied and hid the Maastricht treaty from the people and never mind the betrayal of trust against his wife.  After all, when he was supposed to be running the country he was too busy having Currie…….so his concern for the country was not an issue then.

Why is it that old boring mundane politicians cannot just disappear and stay of the media circus as they are former for a reason, as the British public kicked him out of office at the first opportunity and he hangs round now like a bad smell and no amount of air freshener will get rid of him.

Boris is doing what the people want and the more the hysterical remainers scream and pull their hair out, they will be doing self-flagellation through the streets next….they need to remember he is acting out the will of the people and a British Prime Minister is at long last showing that he has balls and is putting this country first.  What a pity we have had to wait some 30 years since Baroness Thatcher to actually have one but better late than never, and how refreshing to know that unlike Major, May and Grieve this man of the people is working for the people.