Boris just cannot win!!!

So we now find ourselves in a somewhat lockdown due to the irresponsibility of some people, yet rather than look at themselves they have put the blame with the one man who is not only trying to prevent deaths but also keep this country going and stopping us becoming bankrupt.

How many times did we hear the wailing of “can’t put my child in school cause of the virus”, but can take them down to the beach along with hundreds of thousands of others who selfishly put whole communities at risk, as they obviously didn’t care for their own safety nor that of their family.

There are people like me who have strictly adhered to the lockdown procedures by the Government, and we are now having to pay that price again and it is unfair, but I do not blame Boris….infact I am even more convinced that he is doing a good job in unprecedented times and all I hear from fence sitting Starmer is endless nonsense and no actual real ideas….so he needs to get back in his box, after all if you cannot offer a solution then you become part of the problem.

I blame all those who met up at the beach and all those protest meetings that seem to bring every nut job in this summer of absolute madness. They are to blame for this country going into lockdown and this has forced the hand of Boris who really does not want to see our NHS on its knees trying to cope with a deadly virus. Don’t forget this man has seen the horrid side of this god awful infestation and he doesn’t want people to go through that.

Those who are criticising him are doing so without looking in the mirror. We get those who are not medically exempt and that is fine and must be pretty scary for them to be out, but others get your face covered. I had to go to the hospital today and worn mine…and I could feel the panic attack coming but took a deep breath because it is not just for my safety but yours, and I owe it to people I might never talk to to care enough to prevent them from becoming infected as we don’t know if we are carriers, as some people do not become ill and just infect others.

I actually had to watch my grandchildren from the car today as we decided to start today instead of Monday, and it broke my heart but they understood and we will back to the endless skype nights and nana and grandad buying them all their hearts desires in toys to show them that we are thinking of them. I cannot see my own mother as some fool straight off holiday went into the retirement village and yep you guessed it, the place has Covid 19 in it and she has only just been allowed out but now in lockdown again. It was not one of the old people who brought it in and it is not generally the old people who are causing this as trust me we are petrified of catching this, because quite simply our systems cannot tackle it as good as the young people.

Instead of blaming Boris do as you are told. We are all to old for that stupid teenage rebellious streak after all if someone told you walking down a motorway at night could result in you being hit by a car…you wouldn’t do it, so why play cat and mouse with a virus?

This virus is not an enemy we can see, we cannot call a ceasefire and we cannot sit down and discuss how to get out of it and it is not something we can see, touch or taste, yet it is in our everyday being and in the air is frightening……truly frightening.

Stop blaming Boris and give him the support that he needs as this Government has given so much help to individuals and it has been unprecedented, yet he gets no thanks from it….just endless moaning. I did not qualify for the furlough scheme because I had not been self employed for that long, and yes I lost out on speaking gigs too but it is what it is and I do not blame Boris but rather give him one hundred percent support, as lets face it…..we could have had Corbyn in and had he become unwell and it would have been Diane Abbott running the country!!!! Perish the thought….