I made the mistake and did the one thing I rarely do and commented on the Sussex’s….omg their followers are endless and endless and….

I commented on paying Frogmore back was good, but then there is still the wedding and the costs they run up as you cannot spend £35 million of taxpayers money on a wedding, a million on clothes and every other perk and then leave having done next to nothing in no time at all, and especially finding out that the god awful book written was with their help, and we know it has her every word in it as she controls everything has been 2 years in writing, meant this was planned from day one.

Now everyone has the right to marry whichever adult will have them, but they do not have the right to endlessly lecture on doing the very things they are doing, nor should they do so with a British title as let’s face it without it, they would be struggling to find work. The very same institution they are disrespecting is the very same institution allowing them to get this money.

The problem is you get the Meg fans and sugars who are really beyond help. They see racism in every criticism when there is none, even saying the book was awful is apparently racist!!!!.

What they cannot see is that when this couple who use their title quite happily to get money, then criticize not only this country….when we were forced to pay for their wedding (now I don’t know about you but me and Mr Points of Sue had to pay for ours….no taxpayer funding there) but also their disgusting, snidey comments on not only his brother and wife, but also the appalling treatment of the Queen is not going to win them fans now is it.

They cannot see past the fact that she has dropped everyone who is of no use to her anymore, and turned Harry into the same…even dropping the main fundraiser of the Invictus games. That’s not nice Harry and let’s hope you can chuck them a million quid to make up for it

When the titles are removed along with the Presidency of the Commonwealth Youth Community, then great hope he is happy but until then…..yes we are allowed to criticize but it’s never about her colour which is something these sugar always rattle on about endlessly, but the fact we can see the hustle they are pulling Racists see colour in everything ev n genuine criticism…their supporters well some of them have a real problem and need help.

I do offer a word of advice don’t get into any debate with them. Their brain is in one gear only and to say the endless racist comments are boring is putting it lightly. All I can say is I actually know one person who needs to get a life and it’s not me…