I for one am delighted that Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Christian Tybring-Gjedde of the Norwegian Parliament and he deserves it far more than Obama ever did… what a joke that was as he later became drunk on the power of dropping bombs on people, and what did he achieve really?  Absolutely zero.

I can see it now the intolerant latte sipping leftist heads are about to explode but look at the facts.  Donald has not dropped bombs or drones on any civilians and especially those in Pakistan where Obama became quite addicted to wanting to take out bad guy and accepting the collateral damage of innocents…he did not lose any sleep whatsoever.  His favourite trick was dropping the drones on wedding parties and did not seem to mind that innocent women and children were hurt, murdered even and it did not seem to matter that he broke international rules??? (will link that to another story), but there was no widespread condemnation.  Could it be because it was Pakistan?? He was also the returner in chief because he removed some 3,000,000 immigrants from the USA and yes he separated children from their parents, and yes locked them up to.  Funny how when it is carried on but at a lesser scale by Donald that the lefties are up in arms.  Oh, did I mention they are hypocrites too…

Donald Trump has taken out one bad guy, and yes he was a thoroughly nasty guy and the world will not miss him as said bad guy was responsible for missiles being launched at the American military in Iraq, and even when the other side tried to goad him into a war he refused to do it.  He did not want to commit any military to a war unlike Obama and he used diplomatic channels and managed to avert it.  

There is my all-time despicable act of Benghazi where Obama and Clinton knowingly left a US Ambassador and civilian security guards to cope with the mass of terrorists and their supporters attacking the embassy.  It was only with the help of some good guys that they managed to escape but not before the death of the Ambassador and some really good guys.  What did they do….turn the phone off and lie that it was the result of a supposed riot gone wrong in another place and that was they thought the attack would be!  Unbelievable…..

Donald has held the hand of friendship out to North Korea to try and bring in the rogue state as lets face it, it is totally unstable and he knows that the nut in charge could let off a nuclear bomb at any second so it is better to control said nut job than do nothing.  Then there is the historic deal that he helped to bring together of the United Arab Emirates and Israel.  This was monumental as it was the first time that historically enemies in the Middle East have become friends, and it has not stopped there…there are regular discussions between the Governments, regular flights and plans to create a working relationship. 

Now I wish I could write down something that Obama did but I couldn’t….oh yes he got on my pip for daring to interfere and dictate to us about Brexit.  You see Donald did the right thing and he believes in us and I have said it at the beginning and I will say it again….I am delighted that the Norwegian MP nominated because if anyone deserves it, it is him.