Rip it up Boris……

I am struggling to understand the furore because Boris Johnson has decided to rip up the god-awful agreement that May had signed. 

He has every right now as the EU…that corrupt fraudulent entity that we are walking away from is threatening to stop the imports of goods into Northern Ireland.  Now I know as a Brexiter it is bordering on dictatorship or the attempt to dictate what goes on within our land, but as usual the remainiacs will take their side. 

I think anyone who puts the EU before the United Kingdom and actually lives here should have a long look at the history books, and see that the deaths of those generations before us who fought to ensure we had freedom would be the reason why we cannot and must not be dictated too, although I also find those who support the EU over the United Kingdom as shameful individuals as it is not about money, and yes I did know what I was voting for and mainly controlling our own lands and our laws and this dreadful agreement cooked up by Mrs Remainer May is an abomination. 

She never had any interest in getting a deal but rolled over and gave in.  What did they do?  Rub her stomach?? Call her a good girl and throw her a treat as I cannot believe that any British PM would actually commit this country to such a dreadful agreement. 

The very principal we sit on is that this country will not be dictated to by another country or government, and the fact that the last parliament was prepared to do that shows that we were right to drain the swamp.  Just a pity they did not drain Mrs May as well.

The fact that the EU is demanding a say in our laws, to have the final judgement, control of our waters and final demand over the contracts is something no country will agree too, and for that reason the agreement should be null and void or if not it should be.  They have not demanded it from other states so why are they demanding it of us?  Quite simply the grotesque EU still wants to control what we do.

Is it not enough that there are people still alive today who risked life and limb to give them their freedom?  It must stick in the craw of everyone of those morons who sit in the EU that we always win because we have the moral high ground and they don’t .

The EU would have to prove that they have treated this country the same as any other independent nation or explain why they felt they had the right to interfere in this country, and take away the very things we had voted to get rid of if it ever came to court….but it won’t as how can they spin that, and just for note I for one will now be buying British all the way.

The fact that the last parliament worked against the people showed that it did not act in good faith as every person in parliament stated they would act on the will of the people and then the majority lied and it is no secret they lied again and again, for misleading and lying to the people should make this agreement null and void as this is not what the people voted for. Even the remainer traitorous parliament didn’t vote for the May agreement saying it was a bad deal, and something that bad needs to be ripped up and binned as the rubbish it is.

The fact that Boris can see this is a great starting point and he needs to see through with his threat to rip it up.

Of course, we see sitting on the fence Starmer at it again but all he sees is a way to stop Brexit or so he thinks.  He is arrogant enough to think that he can ride on his donkey and save the remainers dream, well he is forgetting one thing and that is that his party of which he was a senior member went against the will of the people and they got punished for it, and whatever he comes up with it will show him in his true light and that he thinks he always knows better than what the people want and that is an arrogance level of 10. 

He has plans to make amendment after amendment and all it will do is rile and annoy those who lent Boris their vote to vote for him again and he will lose again, because in true remainer fashion he does not accept the will of the people and it seems he does not understand the reason why we voted out….and he never will. 

Those who are not with the people are against them and the Tory party and Boris must carry through with their actions as it is right as no country, and I mean no country should have any say in what this land does.  Germany tried some 80 years ago and for Frau Merkle to say we should give into some concessions was the final nail in the coffin as taking directions from a country that caused so much damage within some peoples living memory is an insult.

The EU is not a club it is a cult and they are openly offering bribes to countries to stay.  After all, how much longer can they last when 2/3rds of them get back more than they pay in.  That does not smack of good fiscal sense and that is probably why they have not had their books signed off, well that and the wholesale fraud that is being committed everyday in there.

The EU does not respect sovereignty and does not respect the democratic will of the people and they can throw a hissy fit all they want.  It must not be allowed to dictate any rules, nor threaten to make illegal any goods going from us to Northern Ireland because basically they want to restrict their goods to teach us a lesson…….yep really statesman like not.

You cannot talk to these people as Lord Frost has found out and they are just so hell bent on trying to control the United Kingdom that all common sense has gone out of the window, well so be it we tear it up and withhold all payments.  Let them sink and struggle as it is not our concern.  We have an international world of business out there and lets face it….the places like Australia, New Zealand and Canada and others are backing us all the way.

By the way I did get asked on a tweet from a remainer asking would I not kick off if China did the same thing.  I thought wow….to compare us to a communist state who run concentration camps and who make dissidents disappear, and where the people have no freedom is no comparison. That is like asking a vegan if they want a beef-burger…but that is a remainer for you….

Like the EU, they cannot see sense either and shame on them for not backing the United Kingdom, but then when you look at some of them in parliament like Starmer you think…wow….drain the swamp again as they are colluding with a foreign parliament instead of giving 100% commitment to the United Kingdom, and that goes against every principal of the Magna Carta and our laws….shame on Starmer and his rent a mob.

If anyone deserves it, it is Donald……

I for one am delighted that Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Christian Tybring-Gjedde of the Norwegian Parliament and he deserves it far more than Obama ever did… what a joke that was as he later became drunk on the power of dropping bombs on people, and what did he achieve really?  Absolutely zero.

I can see it now the intolerant latte sipping leftist heads are about to explode but look at the facts.  Donald has not dropped bombs or drones on any civilians and especially those in Pakistan where Obama became quite addicted to wanting to take out bad guy and accepting the collateral damage of innocents…he did not lose any sleep whatsoever.  His favourite trick was dropping the drones on wedding parties and did not seem to mind that innocent women and children were hurt, murdered even and it did not seem to matter that he broke international rules??? (will link that to another story), but there was no widespread condemnation.  Could it be because it was Pakistan?? He was also the returner in chief because he removed some 3,000,000 immigrants from the USA and yes he separated children from their parents, and yes locked them up to.  Funny how when it is carried on but at a lesser scale by Donald that the lefties are up in arms.  Oh, did I mention they are hypocrites too…

Donald Trump has taken out one bad guy, and yes he was a thoroughly nasty guy and the world will not miss him as said bad guy was responsible for missiles being launched at the American military in Iraq, and even when the other side tried to goad him into a war he refused to do it.  He did not want to commit any military to a war unlike Obama and he used diplomatic channels and managed to avert it.  

There is my all-time despicable act of Benghazi where Obama and Clinton knowingly left a US Ambassador and civilian security guards to cope with the mass of terrorists and their supporters attacking the embassy.  It was only with the help of some good guys that they managed to escape but not before the death of the Ambassador and some really good guys.  What did they do….turn the phone off and lie that it was the result of a supposed riot gone wrong in another place and that was they thought the attack would be!  Unbelievable…..

Donald has held the hand of friendship out to North Korea to try and bring in the rogue state as lets face it, it is totally unstable and he knows that the nut in charge could let off a nuclear bomb at any second so it is better to control said nut job than do nothing.  Then there is the historic deal that he helped to bring together of the United Arab Emirates and Israel.  This was monumental as it was the first time that historically enemies in the Middle East have become friends, and it has not stopped there…there are regular discussions between the Governments, regular flights and plans to create a working relationship. 

Now I wish I could write down something that Obama did but I couldn’t….oh yes he got on my pip for daring to interfere and dictate to us about Brexit.  You see Donald did the right thing and he believes in us and I have said it at the beginning and I will say it again….I am delighted that the Norwegian MP nominated because if anyone deserves it, it is him.

Teaching children….

It is absolutely frightening that the woman in the video is let anywhere near children.

She is teaching them to hate racism by being racist, and teaching about genders to a bunch of kids who no doubt just want to play on the park, along with the racism against white people…this smacks to me of bordering child abuse….to teach children to hate because of the colour of somebody’s skin is an abuse.

What sort of sorry excuse of a parent let’s this woman anywhere near their precious child?

The Sussex supporters really are endless……..

I made the mistake and did the one thing I rarely do and commented on the Sussex’s….omg their followers are endless and endless and….

I commented on paying Frogmore back was good, but then there is still the wedding and the costs they run up as you cannot spend £35 million of taxpayers money on a wedding, a million on clothes and every other perk and then leave having done next to nothing in no time at all, and especially finding out that the god awful book written was with their help, and we know it has her every word in it as she controls everything has been 2 years in writing, meant this was planned from day one.

Now everyone has the right to marry whichever adult will have them, but they do not have the right to endlessly lecture on doing the very things they are doing, nor should they do so with a British title as let’s face it without it, they would be struggling to find work. The very same institution they are disrespecting is the very same institution allowing them to get this money.

The problem is you get the Meg fans and sugars who are really beyond help. They see racism in every criticism when there is none, even saying the book was awful is apparently racist!!!!.

What they cannot see is that when this couple who use their title quite happily to get money, then criticize not only this country….when we were forced to pay for their wedding (now I don’t know about you but me and Mr Points of Sue had to pay for ours….no taxpayer funding there) but also their disgusting, snidey comments on not only his brother and wife, but also the appalling treatment of the Queen is not going to win them fans now is it.

They cannot see past the fact that she has dropped everyone who is of no use to her anymore, and turned Harry into the same…even dropping the main fundraiser of the Invictus games. That’s not nice Harry and let’s hope you can chuck them a million quid to make up for it

When the titles are removed along with the Presidency of the Commonwealth Youth Community, then great hope he is happy but until then…..yes we are allowed to criticize but it’s never about her colour which is something these sugar always rattle on about endlessly, but the fact we can see the hustle they are pulling Racists see colour in everything ev n genuine criticism…their supporters well some of them have a real problem and need help.

I do offer a word of advice don’t get into any debate with them. Their brain is in one gear only and to say the endless racist comments are boring is putting it lightly. All I can say is I actually know one person who needs to get a life and it’s not me…