Natalie Bracht 45 was one of those scumbag ISIS Brides who went over to Syria following the devil himself…..she swore she was only an interpreter…yeah right!!!. Even the group CAGE who she said she worked for had never heard of her ….a liar and a terrorist.

She was one of those that should never have been let back in and should have been left to rot in her own filth……but the bleeding hearts brigade let her in and instead of saying thank you, and climbing under her rock ….what does she….yep joins the Extinction Rebellion Terrorist Group trying to bring our lives to a standstill.

Why the hell is this terrorist wondering about?

This nasty piece of work is accused of running the ISIS female unit….and we know what a bunch of she bitches they were, and to add insult to injury this monster is back claiming benefits and now this…..

It is insulting this woman is allowed anywhere near decent people. Come on Home Secretary get that god awful woman off the streets, locked up and the key thrown away. She was given a chance but people with their heads screwed on the right way knew that once a terrorist always a terrorist and now she needs to pay.

We need to cag the bleeding hearts brigade as they are causing too much damage to this country.