I agree with the MP Ben Bradley.

I agree with Ben Bradley….society should not expect quick fixes with regards to paying for your family.

Where I live some areas are predominantly low income families and infact I can see them when I go out and about. Always complaining that they don’t have enough money with a cigarette and a mobile phone in their hands, and the biggest TVs I have ever seen on the wall. It has become a joke around here of knowing who is unemployed because of their TV.

Before anyone states I am heartless…well I was a single mother and worked for everything as that was installed in me by my parents. It is too easy to chuck money at the problem because some now millionaire had it a bit tough. I can remember my parents struggling and Dad worked long hours, but there was no hand outs then…you managed.

Maybe means testing it to ensure the really needy get the help, rather than a blanket coverage is better as let’s face some people are working and struggling, and they will get zero while others doing nothing out of choice. Is that fair?