BLM is no longer a political protest who want people to understand the pain they say they go through everyday, but rather a terrorist group that thinks it’s great to pick on some old people who are dining.

My god did your parents not teach you to respect your elders? How you treat elderly people says a lot about you, and the fact is that they are not protesting but rioting.

They are rampaging, rioting and creating billions of dollars worth of damage in the USA and they should be made to pay it.

The idiotic town councils and Mayor’s who want to defund the police for virtual signalling are really stupid. It’s like advertising that your house is unlocked and the valuables are on show.

There is nothing to be proud of smashing the plates and glasses of elderly people, and who probably have never said or done a thing wrong to any person….but after that disgusting behaviour I bet their thoughts and sympathy have changed.

Terrorist antics, Antifa antics, destroying, thieving and killing is not exactly going to get people to like you but rather demand more police….so in effect because of the anarchy you are committing people are demanding tougher sentences.

Has no one ever sat down with these people and explained that political lobbying and educational information is the best way to achieve your aim….has anyone really? As I can promise you that bullying, destroying, stealing, assaulting and so on is not going to get the people behind you…but rather as an obstacle as the more you wreck, the more they will push you back.

Grow up and use grown up methods to achieve your aims, but bullying someone’s grandparents or elderly parents is not the way to go if. It is cowardly and quite disgusting.