Dear Superdrug only WOMEN menstruate….you know the woman bits that are there for our reproduction….

I know some woke idiots who are trying to virtually signal that they are hip with the kids….but for god sake have they as men ever menstruated? If so….then not only are they a walking miracle but also need medical help.

Why can’t retailers see that they are crossing the line into stupidity with this woke PC crap? Trust me being a woman is not fun. First the boobs grow, then the periods which can be awful for some arrive and last year’s and years. Then pregnancy and your body is all over the place, then more periods which more often than not get heavier and heavier….to the point that some women need help to stem how heavy they are as it can go through your clothes etc……..and some need to have a hysterectomy….does that sound like fun??? Well it’s not it’s a misery….

I have known some FEMALE friends being driven to the point of depression, and indeed some have with their periods. It is not fun and it can be a harrowing experience for upto 50 years.

When I read of a biological man having a period then great use the word PERSON…..Until then for god sake Superdrug and others leave them for what they are…..THE USE FOR WOMEN.

I remember when Always changed the colour of their product because one trans person complained it made them feel less a person…and they didn’t even use them……well I am sorry that did it for me and I stopped buying them, along with others because it seems our biology is something to be so easily dismissed and that is offensive and wrong.

This is not a dig at transpeople as to live within the skin you feel comfortable with is the most important part of who we are….but rather these stupid virtual signalling fools in retail who think it is the correct thing to do….it isn’t as no woman I know ever wants a period, as the damn misery is leased upon us as being teenagers, and to have what and who we are so easily dismissed is really insulting.