This is just getting silly…

The natural history museum wanting to show it’s woke credentials has now decided to look into its Charles Darwin exhibitions because one or two permanently offended at being permanently offended BLM and its faux outraged supporters have made a complaint.

Now I am not a scientist but surely the advancement of natural history came about because of Charles Darwin……….hence the natural history museum, and their pay.

It’s about time museums looked at the woke individuals who they have let loose to manage the collections, as I have never known so many supposed clever people come out with the most stupid remarks. May I suggest double checking their educational qualifications to make sure they are what they say they are!!!

It’s easy really if you dont like Darwin…DONT GO and see his collection, but this stupidity of giving into a tiny minority just to wave their woke credentials in our faces has gotten beyond silly now. If you are offended by who we are, then may I suggest taking one of the planes that leave everyday and finding somewhere else to live….and let us horrible old racists as you so kindly like to call us live in this country…..

You will be happy and we will be happy and our museums and history left alone… win win. Until then it is time to clear the swamp in our museums as some people who run them are not fit to protect the history of this great country.