Everytime Diane Abbott opens her mouth, her foot goes in her mouth and my god she must take a massive size 13….. because of the garbage she comes out with…. extinction rebellion need to declare her an emergency.

She has defended the right for the terrorist organisation called extinction rebellion to block roads, stop ambulances and block the press as a right to cause trouble even though blocking the roads is illegal, and it’s rather worrying as an MP that she doesn’t know it…..but then I guess the woman doesn’t know what day it is half the time, but to state they are the same as suffragettes really is a step too far….even for her.

She has the outrageous audicity to say that veterans marching quite legally in Dover to stop the illegal immigrants are the far right…..How dare she call those who have served this country with honour far right. They have been something she hasn’t….an asset to this country. All she has been is an embarrassment, a terrorist supporter, complicit in anti semetism and racist towards white people…..did we really set the bar so low that she ended up not only an MP, but representated Labour as the Shadow Home Secretary…..

For me she is a gift that keeps giving as everytime she appears the keys to number 10 get further away from Starmer….so please Ms Abbott keep coming out with your nut job statements as it is a great advantage for the Conservatives.