Don’t get me wrong I am no supporter of fanatical Islamists, but I am a supporter of not offending other religion when you know it can cause offence to those deeply engrained in it.

I was as disgusted as the next man at the killings linked to the drawings of the Prophet Muhammad, but we also know that to a lot of Muslims it is their everyday life….and that everything they do is based around his teachings.

I myself am a lapsed Catholic and can find it funny when the Church is mocked in such films like Dogma, but that is because I don’t follow everyday or indeed anyday by the Church’s words, and Mr Points of Sue and I love Jewish humour but that’s because we don’t have religion in our home, whereas Muslims obey the Koran to their very being.

It is not fair to rile so many up unnecessarily when you have seen the actions caused by the first upset, and to some people their religion is so sacred.

As a non Muslim I cannot begin to understand how they live their lives around a book, but they do and we must respect that or else does that make us more intolerant?

The murderers should quite rightly meet justice, but it is wrong to cause upset again knowing the result of it the first time.

This will end up with further people dying because one side decided to throw the sod it attitude to the wind, and print pictures to a group who become offended.

Maybe if we left each others religion alone especially when it is so secular…..and when we know it can cause harm, might just might cause a little less bloodshed.