It seems that foul mouthed Labour MPs doesn’t bother Starmer, nor it seems his and get this SHADOW JUSTICE SECRETARY….that well known racist David Lammy threatening Nigel Farage with violence.

We have had Sitting on the fence Starmer doing nothing about Corbyn still spouting anti semetism, Butler’s YouTube video about the police purely for race baiting purposes, the Canterbury MP telling British people they are not welcome in Dover but immigrants can…..and now Lammy threatening Mr Farage with mob violence.

It’s not an illustrious shadow front bench but a mob of gangsters, and as a former DPP it is grotesque that Starmer does nothing, as he knows deep down they are breaking the law with these actions, and if not the law then the moral standard these Maps should be expected to attain. It seems he has carried on his tenure of doing nothing……

Shame on him.