Outrageous way to treat Veterans.

It seems the only ones willing to defend their country are Veterans yet again, and what do the media and looney lefties call them?? Far right.

They weren’t far fright when defending their cowardly backsides from the enemy. These lefties were too busy hiding to even think of defending this country.

As a Veteran I know and hundreds of thousands of others like me will be the ones to protect this country from the mass hoardes of economic migrants trying to get into this country. They are not here to enrich it but to take from it and then when settled demand we turn out home into the god awful place they come from. Not going to work and we will force you out if necessary by demanding changes in the law that you have no rights….

Enough is enough….and maybe if is about time our Government stood up for Veterans, as we know the woke virtual signalling idiots in labour won’t….as everyone of those defending this country has done something more honourable than 99.9% of those sitting in parliament.

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