Outrageous way to treat Veterans.

It seems the only ones willing to defend their country are Veterans yet again, and what do the media and looney lefties call them?? Far right.

They weren’t far fright when defending their cowardly backsides from the enemy. These lefties were too busy hiding to even think of defending this country.

As a Veteran I know and hundreds of thousands of others like me will be the ones to protect this country from the mass hoardes of economic migrants trying to get into this country. They are not here to enrich it but to take from it and then when settled demand we turn out home into the god awful place they come from. Not going to work and we will force you out if necessary by demanding changes in the law that you have no rights….

Enough is enough….and maybe if is about time our Government stood up for Veterans, as we know the woke virtual signalling idiots in labour won’t….as everyone of those defending this country has done something more honourable than 99.9% of those sitting in parliament.

Interfering bored middle class cockwombles

It’s about time the police not only tasered their dirty, unwashed backsides but baton charge as well.

This is tyranny and it needs to be stopped now.

What a surprise said no one….

When she is not race baiting, she is clapping extinction rebellion for blocking ambulances with very sick people in. Can you imagine if she found out that the unwell person was black?? My god she would have a field day with her faux racist outrage.

This is the history of Dawn Butler

Copied from Mark Pack
Will £66,000 expenses claim sink Labour MP Dawn Butler?
Mark Pack Mark Pack 10 years ago
So asks Ross Lydall over in the Evening Standard about the Brent Labour MP, Dawn Butler:

How many voters are ready to turn against their MP over the expenses scandal? A fascinating battle in a hotly-contested north London constituency looks set to provide some answers.

On one side is Labour whip Dawn Butler. On the other is Lib-Dem MP Sarah Teather. They have been thrown together in a new seat as a result of boundary changes, and there is now a fight to the death to see which one returns to Westminster after the election to represent Brent Central…

What Ms Teather, described as a “saint” by one newspaper for her expenses record, doesn’t say is that Ms Butler was one of the MPs shamed in last summer’s scandal.

Ms Butler has claimed £66,304 since being elected in 2005 for her constituency home in Wembley – despite having another property in Stratford. When the Standard challenged Ms Butler (left) on this by knocking on the door of her (publicly-funded) constituency home, she told our reporter: “I totally resent you coming to my private home. Have some respect. How dare you.” One of those controversial expense claims from Dawn Butler was for a whirlpool bath.

Of course, Dawn Butler is no stranger to readers, what with the unfortunate incident of forgetting who your local MP is, the disappearing statement, questions over Dawn Butler’s attendance record in Parliament, not to mention Dawn Butler’s highly unusual approach to local newspapers, as demonstrated more than once.

I think the polite term for this is “accident prone”, though there was also the more serious issue of the Labour smear leaflet which resulted in successful legal action by the Liberal Democrats and Dawn Butler’s record of trying to block reforms to MPs expenses.

UPDATE: And the verdict of the voters in the 2010 general election? Sarah Teather beat Dawn Butler. By the way SHE DIDNT PAY IT BACK….

So what do we know about Butler…

Well she got back in despite other people being far more suitable, but you have to love that diversity list….and her expenses since have been higher than the average expected….what a shocker eh!

Ms Butler remember is paid for by us and for me she is too disgraceful to be in the same area as Disraeli, Churchill and Thatcher. Sadly we have seen in the lost 20 years the calibre of Labour politicians have really been numbed down, and that is why they have have only had 11 years in power out of the last 50….

Captain Hindsight needs to look at the people in his party, and realise that is why he won’t get his hands on Number 10.

Starmer has no problem with this…….

It seems that foul mouthed Labour MPs doesn’t bother Starmer, nor it seems his and get this SHADOW JUSTICE SECRETARY….that well known racist David Lammy threatening Nigel Farage with violence.

We have had Sitting on the fence Starmer doing nothing about Corbyn still spouting anti semetism, Butler’s YouTube video about the police purely for race baiting purposes, the Canterbury MP telling British people they are not welcome in Dover but immigrants can…..and now Lammy threatening Mr Farage with mob violence.

It’s not an illustrious shadow front bench but a mob of gangsters, and as a former DPP it is grotesque that Starmer does nothing, as he knows deep down they are breaking the law with these actions, and if not the law then the moral standard these Maps should be expected to attain. It seems he has carried on his tenure of doing nothing……

Shame on him.