Dear Mr Barnier,

We thank you for your one sided concern regarding our waters and the so called level playing fields.

We will have to decline your not so generous offer of controlling not only our fishing industry, but also control of our laws, our environmental issues, our health and safety and our state aid for British companies that we choose to help.

I could understand if you had wanted to play fair in the beginning, but sadly this was not to be and British Government after British Government has not only sold out our fishing industry, but also the very thing that makes us British…our parliament. Whilst you might have thought the duplicitous parliament that ended in 2019 was the best for you and the EU, It was certainly not for we the British people and we drained the swamp and now we will be draining the swamp of dictatorial British hating foreign politicians like you.

You demand the control of our fishing, yet when we suggest a fair division it is not acceptable…well tough old boy as you the French have had too much of your own way for too long. It really is a no brainer now.

We are a sovereign state and we will not be dictated too by you, Verhofstadt or any other democracy hating foreigner because in my country your rants, wants and tantrums do not matter, indeed you yourself do not matter and have not realised that you are the fall guy.

Britain is leaving and we are glad to be leaving your failed project, and we won’t be the last. Instead we will watch the whole unelectable, unanswerable, fraud ridden EU parliament fall down because you forget one thing.

People and their identity. You did not think for one minute that my pride in being British tops anything you have… So this is where we must say adieu.

Our waters, our fish, our laws, our parliament and our democracy….but if you need a hand old chap when you find yourself hemmed in again by another country then of course we will come to your aid….we are British after all.

It has not been a real pleasure to have to listen to your rantings, infact the last decent Frenchman you had led his Army until defeated at his Waterloo, and you have met yours and again we have thrashed you.

It is not us who cannot work on a level playing field, but rather you and the EU as you have consistently thought you can dictate and bully us….well Mr B you were wrong then and wrong now….

So please don’t let Dover hit you in the back as you retreat….but if you ever want a gorgeous meal of fish and chips then you know where to come.

Yours from an independent sovereign nation….

Points of Sue.