Surely the poisoning on Russia soil of the opposition leader Alexi Nalvany by nerve agent is a matter for the UN, and not for the United Kingdom.

Everytime we stick an oar in the business of Russia, we are just rattling in effect a murder hornets nest. Putin will take the usual huff and create even closer ties to the rogue states such as Syria and Iran.

Are the people in the UN incapable of holding this man to account? If so why have the UN as it seems a ridiculous waste of money.

Nothing will get done and Putin who really doesn’t care what is said about him, will just carry on in his best Bond villain persona and just laugh at the weakness of the West and the UN.

If we threw as much support into the UN as we can….maybe things might change but at the moment nobody in that organisation wants to rattle the bear.

We have interfered too many times in other countries problems, leave it to the UN or if not disband it as no longer fit for purpose….because if they can’t make him take responsibility, then what can we do?