A bully, racist and a coward…


I am absolutely disgusted at the bigot who not only was unbelievably racist against a lady, but also decided to have a go at her daughter too.

Is he proud of himself for making an 8 year old little girl cry? What an obnoxious bully and to try and demean her mother in front of her is disgusting. He is a vicious, vile bully and the police should charge him.

Does he think it big to verbally assault a young mother? To verbally assault a child?….she is 8 years old for god sake and for what??? Her mum was wearing a hijab.

In this country, this free country that is her choice and it is not upto some racist bully to say otherwise. That is what sets us apart from other nations….we are tolerant of other religions, as it is her religious right to wear this….and to bully over it is disgusting and makes my blood boil.

If he didn’t like the way she was dressed, then walk away…that is freedom of choice. A bigotry but still a choice. What concern me is the fact that this bully and coward made a little girl cry.

It wasn’t big and it wasn’t funny and probably scared her to the point that she will have trouble getting over it. Any person that thinks it’s big to bully a young mum and her daughter over their dress needs a dose of reality, as to what a total douchebag he is….because you can guarantee he wouldn’t do that to a man.

Shameful, very shameful.