Why those rioting have no direction and no understanding..

It was interesting and somewhat amusing to see that BLM and Antifa are demanding the end of capitalism, along with many other things that are just really nonsense and dummy spitting, but the end of capitalism was the one that got me….

Who will pay for their future or the future of their children if they have any? Who will pay for the damage they have caused or pay for the houses they demand? The jobs for all and equal opportunities?? It won’t be them I can guarantee it.

It is not love but monetary growth and investment that makes the world go round, and yes I will put my hand up and say there are too many poor people, but it is becoming less and less and that is because of investment.

The money to grow comes by investing in the very same things they want to demolish. The schools, the NHS, the welfare as a safety net, the military, the police etc all of that comes about by capitalism.

The more we have in our pockets the more we pay, and that investment is trickled down to those who are poorer in the shape of welfare, housing etc.

Without that we would be thrown back to the Middle Ages where people worked for rich masters….isn’t that the opposite of what they are screaming about? After all a Government has no money. These council houses they demand are not built with Government money but by the likes of me….who work and give up a proportion to pay for the services that I very rarely use.

Their screams for the end of capitalism will put them at the lowest in the food chain, after all they are not prepared for hard work. How many still life in the house with mum and dad, clothes bought cheaply because of slave labour and phone technology brought about by investment.

They would crash and burn at the first hurdle, so take a word of advice….save your throats and our ears from your endless whinging and thank those whose capital interests have given you your cushy life, and stop behaving like spoilt brats and go home.