Neil Coyle MP should be disciplined for the foul mouthed tweet he sent to Jacob Rees Mogg regarding the BBC’S disgraceful attempt to get rid of our beloved Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory.

His language is unbecoming to any member of parliament and to use so many disgusting expletives to describe the public who not only voted for Brexit, but also who love their country and want to hear the pride bring sung in our adopted anthems is showing Labour in its nastiest of form.

The tweet said “I have spent years warning of these fat old racists who won’t stop blaming the EU when their s**t hits the fan. Here they come again blaming others. Absolute s**tbag racist w*****s.

Now the foul mouthed moron has every right to disagree but he does not as a member of parliament have the right to call taxpayers, many of whom have to pay for Mr Potty Mouth himself…..the disgraceful names he has. It is not expected nor should it be considered the normal speech for parliamentarians. Sadly, the infiltration of the Labour party by fools, morons and bigots have continued….and it seems their intolerance for democracy knows no bounds.

Keir Starmer should have no option but to withdraw the whip from him, as that is not the way decent citizens expect those who are voted in to speak. He is doing far more damage to the Labour party and shows why they are just not electable.

It also shows that the only intolerant people are those who vote Labour and back remain. They cannot win the argument and now resort to foul language, and it is what is to be expected by those who really on got in because of the Labour rosette, and who in reality have little else to offer in life other than being offended for offended sake.

Starmer if he had any courage would kick him out, but we know he hasn’t as he needs a spine first,….so keep going and keep being unelectable with the likes of a rabid anti Semite and a foul mouthed bafoon ..there is no contest.