I have decided to remove the comments ability on my blog. It is a hard decision but the personal attacks had grown rather tiresome.

I actually thought I could have some really meaty questions and answers, in other words a great political argument but sadly it seems that some of the people who left comments were not going to do it.

I had one or two who were really positive and against my views, but topical and I enjoyed them so thank you, but when you open up email after email and it’s personal attacks, I thought lord I am bored with the intolerance as you could post a comment and then 3, 2 and 1 and then bang they landed.

It was the awful comments regarding my beautiful grandchildren that did it. To make fun of autistic children shows that there are some real nasty bottom feeders on this planet, and trust me I would rather spend the rest of my life in their beautiful world than one minute in the world of people who mock disabilities.

It is something I have been toying with and thought why not it’s Points of Sue….not a platform for the intolerant permanently offended to have their say. If it had been worth anything I would put it on but today I had to delete email after email, and I just realised I have neither the time nor the inclination to read such rubbish….so off they go.

People who know me know how to get hold of me and can contact me in the usual way, and I hope that people who are decent and like to read my view, and my view is Conservative (the insults were growing by the day in that one) still read it, and to those who have sent the messages that are just nasty, you have not shut me down but rather I have shut you up and have the freedom now to be able to write better pieces as I can devote more time without reading your drudgery.