God help the decent people of the United States of America at having to put up with this. Come on Mr President where are the troops?

To openly defend rioting, looting, murders, anarchy is not how people behave in society, and the good, decent, honest, law abiding citizens of the States must be so fed up.

This has gone on long enough they have worn out any sympathy first given and now these rioters and thugs must be brought under the rule of the law, by force if necessary.

They have their pathetic councils defunding the police and doing exactly what these law breakers want. It enables them to carry in the looting, rioting etc. The good thing is they cannot defund the military, and the President needs to have an executive order removing all those complicit with this anarchy with their pathetic virtual signalling and send the army in…..if not you will have civil war and it will not be pretty.